Time to form buds

After about three months of growth with a 24 hour light on, a week ago I switched to 12 on and 12 off. Though my white widow plants continue to grow vigorously, I don’t see anything that I would identify as starting buds. How long at 12 on/12 off should it be before buds begin to form?

Give it time, it still needs some time to develop the internal hormone changes to start flower production.

How long does the hormone changes to start budding usually take? I just want to make sure I don’t have anything screwed up… this is my first attempt to grow my own.

From the research I’ve done, not from experience. 4 to 10 days to slow the veg growth, 10 to 15 days after changing the light cycle is about when you’ll see flowers start.


I am a beginner at this and just need a little bit of reassurance along the way to make sure I have not run aground