Time is near for harvest

Hello family been waiting for a long time should I continue to wait?

I’m seeing cloudy everywhere. What kind of high are you looking to get? Are you looking for couch lock? What strain?

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It’s gorilla glue #4 and the high the highest.

Looking good maybe 2 more weeks

I’m still seeing a lot of clear. I would keep an eye on it. Don’t see any amber. But pics are a little blurry. Tough to hold still for me too! Lol!

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I don’t want much amber if not none at all

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The rule of thumb I go by is to wait until I see a few amber then I have a good assurance that the rest are cloudy


Well there are some amber ones

You will want to make sure the trichomes you are looking at are on the bud and not the sugar leaves. The tricks on the guard leaves develop faster and are not a good reference for deciding harvest


New pictures …harvest???