Help me please lol time havest?

Hey peeps its the rookie again the pain in the ass :upside_down_face: my gg4 is at 75 days from seed here are some pics don’t know if they are good enough to tell if its time to harvest…

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I also like to see the whole plant and close up colas in natural light before I say “two more weeks” LOL


I got a new pic with my new toy that came in today…im still learning how to use it lol, but this is my best pic of the trichomes i think lol, thanks again@HMGRWN for your help its very appreciated🤙


I think it needs a little while longer. For comparison, here is a gorilla glue auto I’ve got going at day 86 that has around 7 to 10 days I predict because there are no amber on the buds.


Id throw it in the dark if you want a light fun effect or wait 1-1.5 weeks for heavy effects


I guarantee I’m more of a pain in the ass than you bro I wouldn’t worry :rofl: newt will tell ya :rofl::crossed_fingers:t2: Good thing everyone here are great bunch and really patient! Unlike the other forums where you just get toxicity

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Looks like 2 ish weeks left bro

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I say this because I harvested about where you are, (mostly cloudy with a few amber and few clear) and wish I let her go another two weeks, but it depends what high you’re looking for growmie :pray:t2:

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Oh, yeah! That is a sweet looking girl there. I believe I would wait for the pistils(hairs) to finish turning dark then look again at the trichomes.

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Thanks peeps! you guys are a blessing!
Can’t wait to get a few years of growing under me belt so i can spread the love and knowledge of growing your own medical Marijuana :call_me_hand:i have been a sponge for this knowledge thanks again!

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Hey peeps, Willow is at 79 days from seed the leaves that are turning yellow can i take them off the plant or just leave them? it looks like im a couple weeks away from harvest i think LoL

                         Thanks again!
                           The Pain In The Ass Newbie🤙