Time from germination to harvest

Greets to all,
I have been on several sites and read many post from noobs and the one question that seems to befuddle many are the total growing to harvest times. I know this may seem like a silly post but it also seems to be a predominate question and has been confusing for many new growers. I see here in the seed details that it list the flowering period which is good but it does not mention the vegetation period. This is misleading many noobs to think the total growing period is much shorter than it actually is. I was thinking it would be nice to either post the Total Germination to Harvest time or perhaps add a Vegetation time prior to Pre-flowering. Example: Germinate to pre-flower 5-6 weeks, Pre-flower to harvest 9-10 weeks,
Total time 14-16 weeks. This is just a thought and I apologize if I have missed something.

Veg time can be very different depending on many many factors, the biggest being how big you want the plant to get. The more veg time you give the plant the bigger it will grow, it is that simple in most situations. It will vary most between different strains and if grown from seed or from clone. Outdoors many strains may be grown in the “veg” state for as much as 6 months or more.

Most people will veg until the plant is approximately half the overall size they want the plant to be when it finishes as the plant will continue to grow and stretch about another third to about twice its size after flowering is initiated.

When a strain is advertised as flowering from 8 to 10 weeks,for example Nebula Auto flowering,does that mean 8 to 10 weeks after the buds first show up? I’ve always been confused about this.

I think in general most of the time the starting date is the first 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness of the 12/12 flowering cycle, so that would be the first day of the first week. But even then, you might still need to give it a week or two more depending on your conditions.

I start when I first see flowering…if your going to go an extra wk or so this makes sense to me.
Just my opion