Veg Should Take How Long?

I have no idea what the hell I’m doing guys. I keep reading that the veg stage should take “roughly” four weeks. In my opinion and based on what I’ve seen online my plants aren’t ready for the switch yet. I planted these guys on 2/9/2020 and this is what they look like today. Are my expectations to high, do I need patience, or have I stunted my plants lol

They also seem super bushy compared pictures I see online.

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They look just fine for when they were planted.

A 4 week veg is pretty short unless you are growing autos. Auto generally start flowering somewhere between 4 and 7 weeks, but you will occasionally get a stubborn plant that will go longer.

Photoperiod plants will veg as long as you keep light on them for more than 12 hours per day. There are no real “rules” for how long to veg. It is up to you. Many growers veg there plants for between 7 and 10 weeks and then flip to 12/12 to flower them.

How far are your plants from your light and what light(s) are you running? A lot of light can produce compact plants with minimal nodal spacing like yours. I grow mine that way on purpose.


I agree…kinda on the short side. I generally Veg over 2 months and it will still continue to stretch till about 3 to 4 weeks before harvesting. Thanks to my 12/12 light schedule start to finish.


Ok that’s what I was thinking; maybe they mean 4 weeks for autos. I’m running a SF4000 24 inches from the plants. I just tied them down last night too.

That’s a lot of light for veg (I do the same.) If you like your plant compact then keep on doing what you’re doing. Raise your light if you want to encourage them to stretch.

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I just went out and raised it a couple inches. I want to LST and it’s proven very difficult with short bushy plants lol

No, the 4 weeks is roughly the amount of time it takes for a plant from seed to mature enough to produce flowers. Imo your plants are maybe a little on small side for weeks, but about right. You could continue to veg them into larger plants, but that’s where the “4 week” veg schedule comes from.