Ticket for success?

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m looking for confirmation that the plan I have for my first grow is a ticket for success, and if not, tips for more success. I have ak47 fem seeds on order from ILGM.com.
Room conditions : Air conditioned to remain at 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
Large Room 10’ x 14’ with 8’ ceilings. Fan on round the clock.
Step 1: I plan to start germinating in a cup of water till the root sprouts and emerges from the hull.
Step 2: place germinated seeds in 1 Gallon plastic pot with about 30 small holes drilled on sides for air pruning and not fertilize for the first couple days and after 2 days start fertilizing with an NPK ratio of about 20-20-20 1x weekly. I figure this will last for 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks I will have my largest 6500k 85 watt cfls hanging over head about 6 inches from top of each plant and have more 6500k bulbs hanging mid-bush height in between plants to get light to the under branches and I plan on keeping lights on around the clock.
Step 3: I plan on being about 10 days into veg stage and will have changed fertilizer to an NPK ratio of 30-10-10. After the aforementioned 10 days I plan on pinching or snipping off small nodes sprouting from lower beanches and transferring plants into 5 gallon buckets with a holes drilled all around the buckets for air pruning. I plan to fertilize every other watering for a total of 3 weeks of vegatating with 24 hour light cycle.
Step 4: The plants will have been in soil for about 5 weeks at this point and at this point I plan to change out all my bulbs 2700k bulbs, switch light cycle to 12/12 and fertilize with NPK ration of 5-20-5 every other watering.
Step 5: Flower for about 3 and cut fertilization off during the last 2 days of flowering and cut watering off till soil is dry and onto harvesting.

Questions: #1 When during this process could I cut clones and is the plant I cut clones still useable?
#2 Would it be benifical just to use all the lights (2700k & 6500k) for the entire grow. #3 vinegar soda?

Well I don’t know much at all about indoor growing but what concerned me was dropping your seeds in a cup of water? Not sure that’s the best way to germinate your seeds. I just use a little damp paper towel in a plastic container with a lid put it in the dark and I start getting roots in a few days. Also ( like I said I’m not an indoor grower) the light only being 6 inches away from the plants sounds very close and may cause burn. I’m no pro so you can take this with a grain of salt but I would really research the light situation for the right results your looking for. Happy growing and good luck.


Everything sounds good, but is this your first attempt at growing?

@ryry he can probably get away with it since those lights will be CFLs he said, they can be pretty close without burning or over heating plant matter. But it’s a good observation to point out! If it wasn’t CFLs he would totally burn his plants.

  1. Take cuttings anytime plant is big enough and if you don’t take too many then plant is still ‘useable’

  2. Generally, the more lite the better

  3. huh?

-best wishes


Thanks for the comments, and yes, this will be first grow if my seeds ever get shipped :confused:. Paranorman, I had heard of people putting a slow dripping bottle of vinegar over a container of baking soda to produce excess CO2. Wondering if anyone had tried that and noticed the benefits.

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Got it, I didn’t know if you were talking about pH adjust or what but yeah, personally I don’t think co2 is needed 95% of the time ?
-good luck

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It has been tried and used forever…

Googlle homer made Co2 for cannabis. That should give you a head start.

Google Zandor - DIY C02 system.

A note; I am legally blind. I you want people like me to help you out, then please break up your pages into paragraphs and statements., and questions; Making it easier to read and comprehend. OK? Thanks :slight_smile:
Happy growing!

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Yeah, sorry about that. I cut and pasted from a cell phone.