Thoughts on low and high stress training

Hey all, I’ve been growing for almost two years now. I kind of went backwards when it comes to training my plants. At the beginning I was eager to try everything I saw online, and I was naïve enough to think if someone was doing instructional videos on youtube and had tens of thousands of followers they must know what they’re talking about, lol. So in my first few grows I tried everything I shouldn’t have, from supercropping to mainlining. I actually pulled off the mainlining very well with a few Gorilla Glues and MK Ultras from ILGM, with the exception of almost ruining then by removing way too many fan leaves in flower. But now I’ve abandoned any high stress training at all, and I just simply bend and tie down. Some plants I barely touch at all depending on how they’re growing naturally.

How much training do you all do, and who else has tried mainlining? If I go back to doing photo periods I might give it a try again. I’d be curious to see how it went now that I know a good amount more. Here’s a few picks of the plants I mainlined. The MK Ultras were the tallest plants I’ve ever grown. You can see in the last couple of pics how many fan leaves I stripped off. I’m sure it hurt my yields quite a bit, but I was still very happy, it was only my second grow.