Thoughts on Colofrog lights?

Anyone ever use this brand? Friend wants to sell me his and claims theyre great. I’m not sure what to even think about them.

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Not alot online about it but from what little i read on reddit just now it actually may be a decent little light.
170 watts actual power draw, looks like it has fans rather then much of a heat sink, but sure why not.
Depends on what he wanted for it really imho.
If its cheap enough then yeah go for it :grin:

4x8x7 tent
8 of the lights
The price is right for sure. Was more concerned of wasting my time. Does this sound like the realm of lighting necessary for this size room? Thanks!

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You mean 8 of them in a 4x8 right?
If so then yeah you be golden i believe.

Correct. 8 lights and 4x8 tent. Sweet! Gonna make it a deal then. Thanks for the help!

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My concern would be heat. Thats alot of drivers in a tent. More practical for less but bigger lights imho, but goes back to if ya get them on a deal then run em :grin:


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I went ahead and made the deal on the lights and setup so I’ll use it in some capacity. Here are a few pic of it setup before I got it. He states it was working great. He moved so never got to finish these plants. Those girls went to his uncle.
I’m admittedly nieve on a lot of things when it comes to growing marijuana. I’m not against spending a couple thousand to get the right light setup for my 4x8 tent.

Thanks @Covertgrower, I am used to making mistakes on a regular basis, but at my age I’m not used to having someone rub my nose in it. (Except my wife)


What did i miss?
What is the mistake you made :thinking:

The comment was removed already. It was a reference to my lights being junk. No biggy.

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