Thinking of switching flower tent to HLG in 4x4 but a bit confused

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I have two 4x4 tents for both veg and flower.
Each tent currently has 2x greengo 1200w burples in it.

I was thinking of switching my flower tent to HLG to help maximize yields and improve quality.

If I do, I will be sticking one of my extra greengo 1200w burples into my veg is tent making 3 total in the veg tent daisy chained.

My question is what HLG lights do I go with in the flower?
I saw @Hellraiser post of his 3x3 tent packed full with a 550, 260 and uv lights… What would be the equivalent for a 4x4 tent?

I was originally thinking of getting 2 of the 260W XL QB V2 Rspecs… But then saw the 550 v2 Rspec… But then saw @Hellraiser post and started to wonder… What could I cram in the 4x4 to maximize the lighting?

Is two 260xls or one 550 good enought? Or go for more?

I will be growing feminized photoperiods 2-4 plants (2 if LSTed and supercrop trimmed as planned).

Thank you!


What are you looking to harvest out of the 4x4? Two 260 xl kits or hlg-550 is pretty good for a 4x4. Hlg-600 would be little more light, scorpion Diablo even more so.

You can get more weed with more light, but you aren’t going to get out what you put in going with more than above. You’ll start to hit saturation point and potentially make your environmentals more difficult to maintain.


I was originally going to go through my known bag seed strains… But don’t want to deal with the presexing… It sucks to put effort in to have to destroy the males. So i scrapped my bag seeds.

I have got many of the highest thc ILGM seeds and was also fortunate enough to get S1 feminized GodFather OG, Ghost Train Haze, and Chiquita Banana seeds all capable of thc level 30%+(in optimum conditions). Soooo I figured with my collection of femanized seeds shoot for the stars and grow the greatest stuff I can. It is all for personal use.

Is there a difference between the 550 or the 260xl or 260? On hlgs site the 260 & 260xl seem to have the same specs but $20 difference in price. Which has the 3 year versus the one year diy kits?

Would the 550 be better for the 4x4 or two 260(xl)s?

Thank you for your help and time!


Generally speaking, the board spacing is a little tight on the 550 and the two 260 xl kits would help you get intensity a little more even at the canopy. So I would consider that superior, but not necessarily night and day difference.


Using the two HLG 260 V2 rspec XL lights in your 4x4 space will give you a little flexibility if some reason you need to raise one higher than the other one. Seems like you always have one plant that tries to outdo the rest. Just my thought, they work great for me.


I would say go for the 2 xls over the single for the reasons of moving the lights if needed and it not being one solid light. The 260 and the 260 xl has a bit of differences. The w60xl has a heat sink that u can attach a third qb board to it and change the driver and make it a 320. The reg 260 is just big enough for the 2 boards alone. I have 3 of the 260xls and they r phenomenal so far. I do have off brand lights 240 w setups that put out some rock hard buds while growing but seem to go airy when dried where as the hlg buds all feel rock hard still after dry. So that being said. The bathroom lights are being switched oit and i am getting 2 mor maybe 3 sets of the 260xl. Might add 1 more to my grow room and add 2 into the spare bath where i grow autos.


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I think I shall go with the 260xls…there is a refurbished 550 for sale on HLG for less than both 260xls together but the adjustment of the lights is a powerful argument against going with the 550.

I saw @Hellraiser uses UV supplemental lights.
Is supplemental UV necessary for either? I saw the HLG 30 UVA supplement… Sold out currently… Should I buy one or two for a 4x4? Is it necessary? If not… What are the advantages of adding one or two?

Thank you all for taking the time to help!


You will need two hlg 260 v2 rspec xl lights to efficiently light a 4 x 4 space. Good choice and money well spent.


Are the UV supplements necessary or will they help?


I have never used the UV supplements, @Hellraiser is a West Coast guy he’ll be along soon.


UV is not necessary, grew plenty of great bud without it but I believe it does help in many ways.

Can’t link it but check out this article from ChillLED on the benefits of UVA.


@Hellraiser Thank you for all the info…

I was going to commit to two of the HLG 260XLs but my wife now is wondering if we should just go with the 600r. It would be cheaper, and more powerful. But no independent height adjustment.

Should we go with the 600r, since even upgrading the 260XL with new drivers and adding a light panel to each is not as powerful as the 600r? We are looking at not spending money on them in the near furture other than adding UVA supplemental lights.

If you had to choose for yourself… Which would you buy?

Your opinion is greatly appreciated!


The 600r will do you very well in a 4x4, yeah not quite as adjustable as 2 separate lights but will be just fine and grow great buds, can also mount the HLG UVA 30 right in the center of it like it was made for it (it was). Nice sales price on it so I’d buy it and not look back.

I am a chronic over-lighter and always push the limits so don’t feel that you need to do it like I would do it. I run way more lights than necessary because I can and money/cost is not an issue for me.


600r it is… Thank you!

When available, i am buying the 30 UVA… Will i need one or two of the hlg 30 UVAs for a 4x4?


One UVA-30 would be perfect for a 4x4 tent as it was designed to cover a 4x4 area, just keep an eye out for it when they go back in stock because they don’t last more than a day or 2 before they are gone again for a couple months. You can enter your email on that product page and they will notify you when they get more in stock or just email them and ask and they will tell you the time frame for the next batch - they are a great bunch of guys at HLG, love throwing my money at them.


Thank you again… I have submitted my email for notification but will call for a time frame.

I ordered the 600r

Thank you… I hope you have a great day!

@kellydans @dbrn32 @Mark0427 thank you all as well… I hope you have a great day!


Looks like you’re in good shape, sorry I’m late seeing this.


It works for me too.

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I was on the phone with HLG this morning and asked about the UVA-30, they say it will be back in stock the first week of March.

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Good evening!

Decided to switch the veg tent to an hlg bspec.

Would a new 300L bspec or a refurbished 550 spec be best for a 4x4?