Think she's about ready?

I think she’s ready or very close to to being…week 7/8 of flowering, 10-14 light schedule using white led in morning and I use red led in the evening…

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Looks like you still have a few weeks to go. Should be on a 12 12 light schedule. All red or white should just stay with one


I think she has 3-4 weeks left judging by what I see…

You need to turn both of your spectrums on because your buds will be underdeveloped if you don’t have enough lighting power. I know your trying to mimic the sun by using different spectrums but it will be at the expense of bud development.

And go back to 12/12 for now like @bruinsfan33 said. Use all the light you can for now and save those different lighting schedules for the bitter end.


Are those Christmas lights of sorts lol??? Does that actually do something?


I would guess 4 weeks at the very least. How long have u been in flower? 7 weeks flower or 2 weeks transition and 5 weeks flower? If u have been in full flower for 7 weeks u need more light.

Have patience she looks great


I was thinking she might be experiencing light deficiency. That’s why I questioned the lighting lol

Yeah they are lol, they aren’t intended for my baby though, they are just decoration for a tree I have… I don’t see how they will do any harm though, the more light the better right lol

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Lol I was just making sure it wasn’t the main soece lmao :joy: understood.

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I’m actually having a blast with this little project…too bad it hasn’t been legalized in my state yet, I could do so much more with it


Yeah I am in the same exact boat!