They are taking off now

I had to leave for the week I was worried how small they were before I left being they were at like 21 or 22 days… I came back and in 5 days they almost tripled in size I couldn’t believe it. The one on the end seems to be doing a little better alot of the new grow and green and not all brown and dying off. Still not sure what happened there but she seems to be alright now. I asked a bunch of u and I seemed I might have been giving to much light at first so that could possibly have been. It but idk. I’ve been slowing plucking off the stuff that was dying. But here they are 3 alaskan purple autos and 2 purple haze autos. I’m actually.kind of hoping they start to flowr here in next week or two. I grew these thinking they would only take 60 to 70 days from start to finish but I found out later that is not how autos work lol that is the flower time. Either way


Doing my first of that strain also. Gonna follow if that is ok.


Looks like one of my first grows. Menards pickle buckets in a closet.


@MidwestGuy lol . My last one I did autos in 12 gallon tubs. I only had three and they ending up being just insane I covered about a 12ft by 4ft space. But going into these autos I thought they would be just a little quick grow to hold me over until summer. It was a pain doing it indoors . But everythjnh I read was wrong. Here I thought you could grow autos from seed to harvest in like 60 days. I didn’t really care for the idea of autos which is why I never bought them. I only have a bunch of auto seeds because one of my orders got lost so they replaced it and I got to choose from a bunch of autos and photos. All that being said I hope they turn out nice