They are really doing well

When i started these i wasnt so sure. They seemed to be growing very slowly. The last one on the end was not doing well at all. They are just growing like crazy guys. 3 alaskan purple 2 purple haze autos. Im very excited to see the end. I havent done autos and i wasnt sure about what training to do but i said screw it and started fimming them. They are really lookimg healthy


They’re look good. How old are they?

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@Ozark so the seeds poopped 35 days ago and i planted them in soil. Im actually kind of hoping they are gonna start flowering here in next week or so.

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Thank you. Autos are new to me. They seem to be getting plenty of light since it’s high up and they’re not stretching.
I just started my first Autos as well. Only had room for two plants in the grow box so I germinated a Girl Scout cookie it grew a tail in a day I planted it nothing sprouted. I believe I planted it too deep. The Gorilla Glue had a tail 2 days later. It’s now been nine days from soaking the seed and it’s 1 in tall 2 in wide and has its first 2 three blade leaves. I’m growing in soil despite the Box being hydroponic. I have another GSC seed soaking. The rest will be outside when the weather warms up. Fingers crossed it has been a couple decades since I last Grew.