Budz are coming

Its that time people!!! Only 2 of them got flowrrs but i can tell the others are right behind them…hopefully in 3momths or so ill have some bomb weed ready to burn. Never done autos but im really hoping to get 3 ounces off each . Im proabbky reaching. It wont be like my last grow with my photos where i got almost 7 ounces each off 3 plants. 3 alaskan purple 2 purple haze all autos


let the pics load before clicking post

Gals are looking good i got just over 3 ounce my 1st auto all nice solid nugs just growing naturally running my 2nd auto now but did a bunch of lst on this plant and still not eone she starting flower now i definitely like autos but so far but enjoy photos way more just being able to control veg times


looking good, you got a forest going on

@LiesGrows i trained the crap out of them. I fimmed them all proabably 4 to 5 times. I tied them down the best i can every couple days

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@BudzMS what you thinkjng bro … thinking i should thin them out a little as far as foliage goes. I do cut all the bottom stuff and lollipop all the time but i do have quite a few leaves dont i

No. If these are your first autos wait till after buds appear imo. They’re not overly leafy to me

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Yeah my girl is going into flower now i still have a few branches that need tied down before she starts to stretch im excited to see how she turns out tho


i agree with @Bluntsmoke
, wait until buds appear, thats what i do.

The 2 on the ends can be defoliated already. I didn’t realize there was buds on those I was looking at the center

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Get all panels at the same hieght at 24 inches and let the plabts grow to the lights until they finish stret hing than readjust lights to 20 inches and let them grow !

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