These are legit

Wegrowbuds 6" oscillating tent pole fan. Ordered 3 this past Friday and they were on my doorstep before I got home from work today. Very very powerful little fan probably more powerful than the tower fan I have. Anyone else running these? Discuss

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I haven’t but I really like the design of that clip!

Is the duct tape there to keep it from sliding down?

Super snug fit with adjustable head. Automatically oscilates

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No that’s because it’s a cheap tent with no clips on the poles they just sit inside each other. Duct tape replaces clip

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Where did you get them? Amazon

No the website. Ran across it on Facebook.


Edit what I said about automatically oscillating. The button was pushed down. It has the normal oscilate or not pull tab at the top.

Here’s from below

I’ve got two. I like them but they are a bit loud imo and cords were fairly short maybe five feet if I recall. That could be standard. But I’d recommend them and order again

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Yeah cord length is a serious flaw. I’m not too concerned about noise because my tent is in the garage but it definitely does whine. I believe all good fans whine though.

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Yeah it’s durable and you can tilt it to almost any angle and nearly 180 oscillation.

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Anxiously waiting for my flower lights to come on so I can get the space gobbling tower fan out and install 2 of these. May free up enough room for another plant