The Root of the Problm

Hi Guys, Probable record setting snow fall this winter. The girls in the chambers think it is Autumn.

I got three strains in bloom. Roberts Gold Leaf and Super Skunk and the Violator Kush from Barneys farm. I cut (5) clones each with 100% Super Skunk, 60% Gold Leaf and 0% Violator Kush to take root to soil. The Violator Kush also took the longest to see any roots in Rock wool.

Is the success ratio driven by Strain? Is this part of what categorizes beginner strains and expert strains? Please clarify.

Some plants are more vigorous than others. Peace

Some strains are more hardy than others and some do seem to root more easily than others. However I usually get 100% rooting success regardless of strain, but I use a “bubble cloner”, kind of a mini-DWC to propagate my cuttings.

Hi MacGyver, I built a 5-gallon bucket clone machine with a submersible pump and a spray nozzle manifold. The spray nozzles kept clogging. How do you filter your nutrient mix and with what micron and how frequently cleaned?

I used 2" rewrked netpots with a rock wool cube.

Like I said, bubbleponics also known as deep water culture, no misters, not aeroponics. I use 2" net-pots with the “net” part removed and neoprene foam collars hold the stem and the bottom of the stem literally sits in the top approximate inch of the water, not a whole lot different than the old-fashioned way of rooting a cutting in a glass of water, except for the aeration from an aquarium like air-stone attached to the air-pump.

And it sounds like you should be able to modify your bucket very easily, just get rid of the misting system, by some 2" neoprene/foam collars and make sure you have plenty of aeration and you should be good to go, nothing to get clogged with just the air-stone/air-pump keeping the reservoir well aerated.

Thanks MacG, you got me doing research. Agreed. A couple questions or feedback. The 5-gallon bucket is deep with large capacity.

I was thinking around 8-10" deep. Does the reservoir require light block? I say yes. Does the whole thing require a clear cover for humidity control? Should a second reservoir be ready for nutrient mix changes?

You can use the smaller 3.5 gal. bucket if you want, you shouldn’t really need that much capacity if you don’t want to use that much. The lid should be the same size, right?

Yes, the root zone should always be light proof. When cloning, or propagating seeds, you don’t really need nutrients, a very light nutrient mix can be used if you insist. The cuttings can cannibalize from lower large fan leaves and will do fine as long as pH is good.

And yes you can use a clear “dome” for added humidity, although I usually don’t seem to need one.

Even with the smaller reservoir, you usually shouldn’t have to worry about dramatic pH or EC/PPM swings, again very little nutrient uptake will occur before the roots are developed, so not much usually will be going on that would contribute to those type of swings and as soon as you have a decent amount of roots you can transplant to soil or your other more permanent or intermediate home as you get it ready for its final flowering home.

Hi MasGyver, What do you do for rooting hormone? If it washed off is there an additive for the eater? What do you do?

If you go to cannabis dotcom, and search ZAndor posts, latewood posts; You shouldfind a couple threads on cloning and we used the same collars as MacG is describing. We started this in 2006. I think it is really cool that MacG is using this cloning method. My 1st cloner was a bubbler. Then I built an aeroponics 24 site cloner with sprinklers. Are you using an organic nutrient that has some pulp in it?

Here is a thread I wrote way back when…End of 2005.

This has both ways to use a simple bubbler for cloning. 1st I show putting cuttings right into 5" netpots, then I took the cutouts, and cut holes for foam collaes, as mentiuon above. I cut the collars out of a common foam garden kneel down pad. Hope this helps :smiley:

Meanwhile I am going to see if I can find the 24x aero-cloner

Here is my Madman 23x aero-cloner January 2006

Enjoy. Notice the collars are gray. These were manufactured by Zandor. He is reknown for his experiments and dedication to MMJ mentoring; As I am! :slight_smile:

TMCannabis, I use the gel or the powder as directed, except then they immediately go into a glass of water that has a little powder or gel dissolved in it, they sit in this for a few minutes before they go into the cloner. This seems to be plenty, after all a lot of people used to clone in just water alone. You can add a little rooting hormone to the bubbler’s reservoir, I haven’t found this to be necessary and if you over do it you could have roots growing like crazy, even right into and through the foam collars.

I’ve also heard organic aloe vera juice is a good natural rooting hormone, I haven’t had a chance to try it yet though.

The reason you place the cuttings in water is to keep them from having an embolism. At least from memory I think this is the right term. If you DO NOT place the cutting into water immediately ; Potentially; the cutting can uptake air into the shaft and eventually this will kill the clone.