The Pineapple Express has left the station HPS, cheap LED and an $850 dollar Qboard comparison grow

There are varying opinions on lighting and as many on the types of lighting to buy. I’ve purchased cheap LEDs , HO photo studio CFLs , hps, quantum’s and cfl T5s, high bay industrial extreme output LEDs and common blue coated grow bulbs. I’ve grown at least 2 grows using each type. Never really compared any. I just knew which type gave me the better results. Not much is said about technique when using lighting with the exception of sog scrog LST and the like but what about manipulating the light you have to achieve the best outcome. That’s what I’ve been doing for 3yrs until this current grow, manipulating the lights to achieve the best possible outcome. With an fixed light there’s not much manipulating that can be done however with CFLs there’s a lot that can be done to improve the yield/quality. So anyhoo one plant will be under CFLs another will be under a V2 draws 400Watts claims of 60000+ lux yeah ok and fluctuates, one more under a 2000watt 432watt draw Dimigogo ( sounds like a disco song lol ) and the 4th one under a 6tube T5 fixture. All from the same breeder all Pineapple Express speed buds. Seed to harvest in 65-75 days and estimated yield of up to a lb with scrog. I guess those numbers are possible to achieve , I just don’t see how with such rapid growth and flowering within 2wks of seed to get those numbers but maybe with this V2 I can get there lol. I will be manipulating the CFLs as the plant grows. The other lights are fixed position. I believe I can get the same results from CFLs as the other lights maybe better. We shall see cuz here I go the pic is of 12 days from seed and I will isolate them from each other after today for this little experiment. Although draw watts can be used as a guide for yields and are fairly accurate it’s not a set in stone number and we can get more out of our lighting to increase our yields


Good luck.


Lmao I’ll need it and more. If I get frustrated and tangled up in the hangers for the CFLs as my big ass does with much cussing the experiment will be over. Lol

@Zsitchin how was the conclusion? I’m on a cheap 2000w led which is drawing about 300w I believe and I’m in flower and panicing like crazy that it’s going to waste my three plants