Santa delivered today

Can’t wait to fire this bad boy up.


Wow, that’s an interesting heat sink

Is it? Lol

That from HLG?

It’s from eBay, idk if it’s actual
Hlg branded? Samsung leds. Had really good reviews

Oh that’s why. Should do you good. Is this for a veg tent?

Was hoping to run all the way through. Do you not think it’s powerful enough for a 4x4?

It has a 2x4 coverage but it’s in 4000k. Full seed to harvest you’re looking for 3500k-3000k. For veg you want 4000k and up. You’ll be lacking red spectrum for flower but it should still do good.

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Wow ok thanks for the info, I still have two full spectrum 600 watt leds (actual draw 140w) perhaps one of those can help supplement in flower? Two of those performed quite well in my first grow. Drying now but looking like 5-6 oz off 3 autos.

You’re the man @BobbyDigital. Always helpin a brother out.

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You can definitely add those other lights in for the other half of your tent. 4x4 may not seem like a lot of space until you have to light it, lol.

Higher blue spectrum (4000k and up) cause the plant to have tight node spacing which is why it’s good for veg. In flower, lower blue spectrum and higher red spectrum (3500-3000k) cause the node spacing to stretch and allows the buds to elongate and you end up with more weight. So you go from bud here, bud there to all the buds connecting on that stem and create long colas.


You are a true asset to have around. Thank you man.

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Tag me if you have any questions. If I don’t know, I know ones that will. Tag me if you have a journal going. I like following along.

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I’m going to start a journal
For this next grow. I’ll fire it up and tag you. Thanks man!


You must have been a really good boy this year.
If I’m lucky, Santa will take a dump in my stocking.

Maybe I can use it for fertilizer.

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Yea possibly, I hear milk and cookies is loaded with nitrogen :joy:

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