The Nutes That I Use

Here are the nutes (& some other bottled stuff) that I’m using for my current run (hydro) :

This will be my first run using Calcium & Silicon boosters in my RO water.

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Reminds me of my FF days. LOL now i use 3 things, jacks and epsom and have grown the best canibus since. A lot less work and the plants love it.


Look up “Lucas Formula”: just the base 3 with cal mag and silica. Hydroguard is a good idea too.

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I’m small-scale, so it probably takes me only a little more time to mix eight or nine components as it does two or three. I have everything broken down into 3oz glass bottles in a small box, & have 1ml blunt plastic syringes to use with each bottle, although the bottle with the Superthrive has a dropper-top, since I have the older high-concentrate version & one drop per gallon is plenty.
Mixing a gallon of add-back, or 4 or 8 gallons for res changes isn’t bad. Also, not everything is always used. Superthrive goes away after veg, Si probably won’t start until flowering/ after I’m done training (although I did read conflicting reports on when to add that, so I’m just going with the less impactful choice & going to add it after I’m done scrog training, which might have been yesterday). Epsom Salts won’t start until later in flowering, just to try & pick up some Sulfur for possible flavor improvement.

Best area for room for improvement over here would be for me to get a ‘large’ graduated cylinder to use when mixing my 4 to 8 gallons for res change buckets, instead of adding 1 ml syringe at a time like I’m doing now. Would be faster, & I’d be less likely to mis-count.

I’ve run Lucas before, but only with two of the bases & no cal mag or silica, & I also wasn’t using a PH pen. I may try it again.
I’ve tried a few different formulas, Useless’ formula, another one where the guy was promoting low P amounts during flowering iirc, probably at least a couple others as well. Now I’m back to the GH weekly feed chart, ‘light feed’ levels. The only change is that I mix less than even their ‘light feed’ amounts, & I carry the “week 4” ratio from week 4 through two weeks after flipping to 12/12, only increasing overall PPM during that time.

I try to run a “sterile” res, so Hydroguard might not be the best thing for me.

I grow 1 girl twice a year. Each girl fills a 2x4x6 tent (training) gives me about 6/8+ - ozs per plant. With the Roots Organic i dont feed till about time to flip her.

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well that is a lot of stuff you are adding to your plants…just a thought about if all of those will dissolve and not come out in your smoke…one of the things I like best about hydro is the clarity of my smoke …just give it some thought about if you really need all this or not…Calcium and Silicon are definitely the building blocks in your nutrient base in Hydro IMHO

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Yep, I can already see that the Cal-Mag is helpful, hopefully the Si will help as well, once I start using it. Should give me stronger stems & trichomes supposedly.

In terms of build-up in the plants or whatever, I’ve used everything else for years & haven’t noticed any negative issues with the flavor or the ash. In fact, I’ve been slowly moving towards the non-flush or quick-flush crowd after trying flushes longer than 24 hours, & never really being happy with the longer ones. I try to feed lightly in the first place, so maybe that is why. The only new things are the Cal-Mag & Si, & I guess the PH^ & PH-down , since I never really used the PH adjusters much prior to getting my PH pen for this latest run. But those are basically just more P & K anyway. So I’m not anticipating any odd build-ups, even with the new stuff.

interesting I will look into jacks as I have heard that name dropped more than once. keep up the good work


I was skeptical on Jack’s at first: easier? Cheaper? Better for the plants? Come on, give me a break.

But I am a believer now. Incredible results since I switched to Jack’s!!

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Thanks for the input, looks like you have some very happy plants there… nice.

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