The booster pack

I had all ready bought advanced nutrients jungjungle juice grow micro and bloom as well as the big bud and bud candy should I get the these nutrients instead…also are they for hydroponics or soil

Our booster is awesome in soil or hydro.

Been using these nutrients for two yr,s now. I won’t change a thing and very easy to use.
But I do wish he would drop the price somewhat. At a lower price he would make more money in share volume.


how big are the bottles I bought the root rot nutrient from robert and was realy disappointed in the results and especially the size of the bottle it was tiny smaller than a travel size shampoo bottle .
Only had one plant in 2 gallon dwc

This is entirely up to you. We love to see members get involved and use Marijuana Booster, and we also understand budgets. You can either use up what you have, and then change over to Booster. it is up to you.

The bottles of Booster nutrients are a bit smaller, but highly concentrated.