Bring back marijuana booster!

Bring back Marijuana booster! If it was such a great product, why is it gone?

Gone where , what happen to it ?

They not making it anymore! Robert now uses flower power and is concentrating on new strains rather than making booster. Which is good, but the booster seemed to be a good seller, surely someone else could make it up! Obviously if Roberts using flower power, it must be good but I prefer the simplicity of measuring out liquid rather than weighing out powder!

@Bevan .Just a thought …could you use some distilled water or R.O. water and make it into a liquid solution so measuring is easy again??? Hammer

booster is gone because it was due to be redesigned into a more concentrated version but the company decided to invest in other areas of operation.

The same minerals go into every nutrient formula. So; Just find a good one and master it.

I make my own nutrients for my greenhouse but, I usually do not use them in my indoor grows. I prefer DutchMaster Advance.


@latewood I’ve heard you speak on that Dutchmaster Gold Advance so it must be great stuff . I had great success with Advance line but I’m willing to try that Dutchmasters Line , as to keeping it simple what all I’ll need in Dutch line to get great results ? I still have some of the Advance Grandmaster level nutrients left , but once I’m close to finishing those nutrients I’ll order the Dutch line , so what additives I’ll need to go with base nutrients ?

What are your thoughts on dry nutrients sold online, like Jacks, that are more geared for commercial growers? Have seen some very positive posts on various forums, but never noticed comments here. Prices are insanely cheaper than box brands. I’ve always felt simple is best, and it seems people are dumping cash into supplements based off of ads. As a greenhouse grower, could you give a quick opinion?

@latewood I think concentration of 1ml per litre is fine! I thought it was a good product, even though I’ve only been using since flowering stage of my current grow! It was good value, so they’re not redesigning it they should still produce it as it is. Atleast I recieved my booster, don’t seem to be receiving seeds anymore!

@yoshi Advanced look good, everyone that uses them rates them however there is a very small selection available here. Customs are destroying nutrients that contain certain ingredients when they come in. That’s why I’m probably going to switch to Canna when my booster runs out as I can get the full range off the shelf here in :slight_smile:

@hammer I like your thinking, that is der a possibility I wonder how much water would need to be added to 500 grams to make it a decent solution!

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@Bevan experimenting would be the key …i would only add a little pure H2o at a time …temp approx. 100 degrees f , mix in a little at a time till the solution will hold the solids …when your close it’ll dissolve all except a little bit no matter how much you shake it or stir … then add a little more h2o until the solution holds it dissolved …at room temp …now don’t forget to measure all the h2o and nute very closely … if it were me id start by feeding seedling 3-4 leaf sets at 250 .or adult plants 500 PPM of this solution …READ YOUR PLANTS CLOSELY ,this will teel you more or less of Your formula …I love hydro cause if i add ----------- then in 2-3 days my babies are un happy Pappa is gonna make it rite… add more water to res to dilute .or remove water and add only a little say 1/4 or 1/2 this time …hydro if fast and pretty forgiving . but if i loose air suplly for 24 hrs or so their dead … Bevan tell me if this helps …iam off to my little piece of paradise …back soon…its picture nite LOL solo Hammer …haha

@hammer yeah sounds bout right, if I add 500mls water, combined with 500 grams of powder, which for example makes 800mls of total solution, I would use 1.6ml per litre, which would be inline with directions on packet. Of course, measuring out the ppm is the other option. What about hot water from the jug, it would be pretty pure but would hot water have a negative affect on the nutrient. The other thing to take into consideration would be most nutrients say to use within 3 days or something, I guess there is no knowing what the shelf life would be of this once mixed with water, other than experimenting! I’m thinking I’ll just go with Canna, yes it’s possibly the most expensive nutrient system out there, but when you break it down, $30 (about $20USD) per plant isn’t much when you look at the end result. The booster probably costs me $10 (about $7USD) per plant! I’m quite keen on switching to hydro, but with work sometimes I’m away 3 days a week, and occasionally 4 or 5 days which from what I’ve read is far too long to leave hydro unattended!

hot water mite not be a good idea …as to storage in an full strength solution not sure …although all the nutes i use are liquid …i use AN connisoure a&b grow and bloom PH perfect …and only a coulpe add ons …And R.O. water i make … only have to change once a week and it will keep your PH with in proper range …but i am seeing as they get further in bloom ,i have to ph at the end of the week or do water change …dot know if thisll help you or help you hydro or not ??? Hammer

Even the liquid notes say to use within 3 days, some even say 24 or 48 hours! Below is all I am able to get from advanced nutrients here.

i think that ,that applys to it being mixed to use … well water ,store bout ,rain city ,ect …i think that in concentrated form it would be stsble …just don’t add other products to it .until it put into use…i was told a long tome ago that all nutes are derived from some sort of salts …wht do you think those brands add to go from solids to liquid??? Hammer.

I would assume water. When I 1st started growing I’d mix nutrients 30l at a time. In veg stage this would last over a month. After reading somewhere nutes should be used within few days of mixing, I measured the solution which was prob about 4 weeks old. The PH had gone up, which we can easily neutralise however the ppm which was around 500, had gone up to around 1200! Which is probably caused by bacteria, which can be a good thing, it can be a bad thing the problem is you don’t actually know exactly what is now in it, so now I mix what I need, as I need it hence why I like a simple system. Another reason I like Canna, there bottles are the simplest to measure and pour straight from the bottle.

@Bevan you can order them off Amazon 1 liter bottles or 250 ml bottles . I ordered one liter bottles in Grow & Bloom and 250 ml bottles in all the additives in the grandmaster level and that will get you thru one plant and maybe half way thru another plant feeding with one gallon of water , now for hydro I have no clue ?

@yoshi yes I seen them on Amazon, and several other grow shops however they don’t ship to New Zealand!

Hey Yoshi,

I am a bit confused. You are using a product called Advance by another company?

I do not use Gold.* Gold is a newer formulation than Advance created by Gold nutrients use more per gallon and cannot be used in soil grows.

I use advance(Black bottle, green for grow, and red for flower “caps”)

  • I use Zone, Silica, and Max as additives. Sometimes they are listed as Gold products. The company has done some repackaging but, whether these 3 additives come in balck or gold bottles does not matter; Same product.
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Forget about Advanced Nutrients. Iguana and Jungle Juice are crap. I have used both, and had to abandon using them to save my plants. Keep in mind that almost every product sold by Advanced nutrients is a copy of someone else’s product.