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I think I plainly stated this above. I use DutchMaster for my indoor hydro grows.

IN order to mix a Professional solution from minerals or powder as you called it (not powder). From minerals, it takes 14 different types of mineral salts and chelates.

I have all those ingredients. I do not know what Jack’s is. I am a competitor of places like that I imagine as I sell Part A, Part B, and Micro, all measured out and ready to mix in water.

I buy 50 lb. bags of:
Calcinit Nitrogen-Calcium
Potassium Nitrate
Sulfate of Potash
Magnesium sulfate

I buy 5 lb. containers of chelated macro and micro:

Unless you have a big grow and a big system; I do not recommending trying to assemble your own solution.

If a company like General Hydroponics sells a Grow in powder form, or Bloom in powde4r form, etc, then that would be cheaper. I think that might work for you. I usually do not recommend the powders because I have seen posts in the past of growers not wanting to have to mix nutrients every time they feed there plant.

If you are patient and do not care how long it takes to feed your plants, then go for it. :slight_smile:


In a reservoir with airstones to provide oxygen and water movement nutrient solutions can be good for at least a week to 10 days. Maybe could be stretched to 2 weeks.

I’m set for nutes for the time being, just trying to learn everything I can. I’m just curious as to why you prefer different products for your inside grows, when you have your own mix for your greenhouse grow. What makes one more favorable than the other to a person who a true understanding of what the plants want, and what each product gives.

Yeah I’ve used Advance nutrients , but interested in trying Dutchmasters . When I looked them up I seen dutchmaster had a Gold One nutrient I think is an all into one nutient , and I’ve seen the black label line also , but I had no idea of which one to buy , so I was asking you as a mentor which one you recommend . Now as you stated the Dutchmaster A & B Grow and A & B bloom with silica and zone works great , but what’s the liquid light and saturator are can I just used the ones you mentioned and get great results ?

Hi, can someone please let me know if I was going to use cha Ching for bulking up in flower, when would I start using it? Thanks, Mike

Beastie blooms

Hi Careg, I was looking for a time frame when you would use the product. Thanks, Mike

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Cha-Ching should be in your last two weeks of flower before your initial flush .

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Thanks for the feeding schedule Careg and Yoshi thank you for that info. Mike