Terra Aquatica Tripart

Hey there guys and gals! :wave:

Anyone use and is familiar with Terra Aquatic Tripart? Not sure if it makes a difference to my question but I’m growing in soil. :woman_shrugging: Just curious about some all rounder info though.

Reading through product descriptions online it seems as though these nutes include calmag so I’m assuming I don’t worry about adding calmag separately? :thinking:

Current grow is only 14 days from seed today so not quite ready to feed, however, I want to be ready and armed with info. :hugs:

The bottles also give measurements from ‘root’. Anyone feeding small doses early on?

Lastly, (I think :joy:) I’m growing autoflowers. When I do start feeding it’s best to go in at 1/4 or 1/2 strength… am I right in assuming that advice is for all nute brands?


Ive never seen that line personally. Never hurts to give it a go and see what happens.


If you are growing in coco or using reverse osmosis water then you should be adding cal-mag. If growing in soil there may be enough in the products mentioned to keep the plants healthy, but you need to keep an eye out for calcium or magnesium deficiency deficiency since some strains may require more.

Hopefully someone with experience in the product line can give you a definitive answer.

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This is general hydroponics 3 part, there are literally research papers written on it and probably dozens of different ways you can use successfully. At one time this was the stuff to be used by NASA on the international space station, maybe still is?

I’m not sure of exactly what happened here, but I know the larger details. Scotts Miracle-Gro bought GH maybe 5 or 6 years ago. But they only purchased the US division. The way the deal worked out the European branch of GH was not purchased, and they were allowed to keep all of their work and recipes. They had something like 5 years to change to their name and labels but reserved the rights to sell the same product.

I’ve never really used this to grow cannabis, but there’s been probably hundreds of members here that have.


From what I’ve found it looks and sounds like @dbrn32 is correct.
I’ve been using the GH Flora three part for 5 years growing cannabis. I have expanded my regime with additional GH products like; CaliMagic, Armor Si, Floralicious Plus, Flora Blend, Rapid Start, Liquid KoolBloom, Dry KoolBloom, RapidStart, Diamond Nectar.
The Three part work well but if you have a Hydroponic grow the additional products provides additional supporting nutrients to take your grow to the next level.
Here’s what I’ve found on the internet about this product.
In 2020, Flora-Series®, the flagship fertiliser of GHE® will change its name to Terra Aquatica TriPart® (Grow – Micro – Bloom). At the last edition of Barcelona’s Spannabis, the renowned manufacturer of fertilisers, additives and cropping systems left its mark on visitors’ minds by unveiling its new identity as Terra Aquatica®. This new logo is shaped as a hexagonal blazon with the two initials T.A., whereas the old name GHE® will gradually fade away and no longer exist by 2022. Following the launch of this new brand last March, from January 2020 the range of organic fertilisers and mineral additives (Flora-Series, FloraDuo, FloraCoco, Ripen, FloraKleen, etc.) will be released with new labels and new names overtly indicating their use. The manufacturer’s intention behind this move is to reassure consumers. Nothing has changed regarding products as formulas and manufacturing processes will still belong to them. On store shelves, however, products will be more clearly identified and the former name and brand GHE will remain visible. Why this change? GHE® is the European offshoot of General Hydroponics, a true institution for cannabis growers in the United States. In 2015, this Californian flagship was acquired by the American lawn and garden product giant Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. Regardless of purely financial considerations and in order to stay true to its work ethics, GHE has chosen to become independent and focus on its mainstays, i.e. products, plants and customers. The names of the other products will be announced in the coming weeks. Want to know more about the next steps? Visit www.TerraAquatica.com and/or the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages.


FYI. It really works well.


Thanks for digging that up! I hope they are uber successful in their journey, I wish nothing but the worst for SMG.


You are an absolute champion and exactly the person I was hoping would reply.

Are you doing a hydroponic grow? Have you ever used the products for a soil grow by any chance?

I’m a total newbie. Grew a couple of plants last year but failed in all the ways a newbie fails including overfeeding I think. My current grow is at day 15 and doing so much better. I have the temp, Ph, Rh and lighting pretty much sorted so my next step is feeding my lady.

Did you find that you didn’t need CalMag either at all or as early using TriPart? I’ve been lightly adding Seasol (not sure where you’re located but this might be an Aussie only product?) which boosts calcium and she’s looking great!

Reading through a tonne of articles on TriPart a lot say that it’s the only nutes you need. No additional CalMag required. Obviously if she shows she needs it I would add it in but I’m hoping to keep her nicely feed so she doesn’t show signs of deficiencies.

Any ideas or tips you can give me would be absolutely fantastic! My lady just had 500mL of water yesterday and am thinking of adding a 1/4 or 1/8 strength feed either tomorrow or the next day.

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Savage! :sweat_smile: Love it! :rofl:

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By the way… nice looking buds. The purples just do it for me! :heart_eyes:


SMG trying to take over the industry and so far they are doing a pretty good job of it. If you were on forums 10ish years ago here is the names you would have heard repeatedly. Lights>Gavita. Nutrients>GH. Fans/filters>Hurricane/Can. General growing supplies>Sunlight supply.

If you guessed that Scotts has went out and bought all of them, you’d be 100% correct. Plus about a dozen more companies related to the industry. Not good for us.


Yeah, wow! :thinking: Way before my time but I’m not ok with monopolising industries at all.

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Hey thanks for that @SheBud I do appreciate it. I’ve been on this forum for a few years and there’s always been someone that is willing to take a look at your grow.
I went hydroponic a fe


I went total hydroponic a couple years ago after fighting the bugs. I only use DWC at this point but have had some luck with coco coir.
If you are using organic substrate like soil or some kind of organic mix you don’t need all those extra GH additives. I’ve been using the 3 part GH with soil before I went total hydroponic.
There are some micronutrients that a soil substrate provides that are lacking in Hydroponic grows.

CALiMAGic™ 1-0-0, a concentrated blend of readily available calcium and magnesium, assists fast growing plants by preventing secondary nutrient deficiencies. Use as part of your regular feeding program to help prevent blossom end rot and tip burn in tomatoes, lettuce, and other calcium intensive plants. CALiMAGic™ 1-0-0 is a soluble that will not clog spray lines or drip emitters and can be used in reservoirs. It can even be combined with many other other fertilizers.

Armor Si™ is suitable for all types of plants during all stages of growth. It can be used for plants growing in hydroponics, Coco Coir and all types of media. Use as a growth enhancer with irrigation water or in addition to your regular fertilizers. Armor Si™ improves plant structure and foliar development, increases yield and improves flower and fruit production. Your plants will additionally experience improved heat and cold tolerance, stress resistance, improved light absorption which leads to greater plant stature.

External Image

Diamond Nectar® accelerates nutrient absorption where mineral foods enter the plant

External Image

Diamond Nectar® applies the chelating action of humic acids to nutrient rich hydroponic environments by grabbing immobile and molecularly heavy compounds

External Image

They are transported through and into plant tissues for faster growth and greater yieldsare pretty much a necessity without soil in the mix.
The other micronutrients; Floralicious Plus, Flora Blend, Rapid Start, Liquid KoolBloom, Dry KoolBloom and RapidStart are enhancing to the grow.

Cannabis does seem to need additional Calcium and magnesium and lots of growers use Epsom salt instead of CaliMagic. I may try this with my next grow. Maybe try a regime that is a little less $$.
Those other products Floralicious Plus, Flora Blend, Rapid Start, Liquid KoolBloom, Dry KoolBloom and RapidStart are not required but imo are essential to creating better plant growth.
I want post all the information here but I would recommend take a look at them yourself.


@LateNightGardner i use gh flora series also use silica blast, cal mag plus, floralicious plus, liquid kool bloom. I grow in dwc bubble buckets. Question do you see any difference in in diamond nectar? I’m having a hard time telling if floralicious plus is actually worth the cost. So wondering if diamond nectar is better… also I add 10ml per gallon of water of h202 .
Here’s my grow for reference


First off I like to comment on your nice setup. You are doing an outstanding job!! Congratulations on what you done.
After using the three part GH Flora for a few years. You know how fast hydroponics grows your plants. Turning over a second run with clones can really turn up the yield as well.
I’ve been trying some additional ways to increase quality. I’ve been adding Diamond Nectar for the Humic acids lacking in my setup.

Ive been using floralicious plus for while for the Sea kelp and additional compounds. Vegetable protein hydrolysate and potassium sulphate. 2% Humic acids derived from micronized leonardite. 20% Sea kelp derived from Ascophyllum nodosum.
They have similar ingredients so using both could be a waste of $.
Should like a good test with some clones using floralicious and some without.


That is something I used in the past. H2O2 will combat microbes, good and bad ones. I only use H2O2 to clean tent area. I have been using a beneficial microbe for a couple years that combats the bad microbes plus help your roots deliver nutrients to your plants. In trying to create a richer environment for a Hydroponic grow. These microbes also help prevent lockout by processing nutrients in your system and passing along your root system and to your plants.
Hydroguard is used by some of the commercial grow farms.

Also here’s a feedchart I’ve been using for applying GH Flora line of nutrients. Notice the complete line of GH products being used.

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Thanks so much for your reply. Used hydrogaurd in the past grows and been using the h202 for past 2 or 3 weeks and seems like roots look better but could by just my imagination too lol. I’m going to finish this grow out with h202 and see in how it compares. I already know h202 is cheaper by far but as we all know or at least should know good ain’t cheap and cheap ain’t good. Most cases you get what you pay for.

Thanks for the advice! And sorry for the delay in reply. Work has been kicking my you know what. :roll_eyes::rofl:

I started 1/4 strength nutes straight after reading your info and my lady exploded in growth. :heart_eyes:

My Strawberry Banana Auto went from this…

To this at Day 23… (This is after a bit of LST)

I dropped a Blue Dream Auto seed last night and I’m going to see what happens if I follow the nutes suggestions on the bottle right from seed. I’m interested to compare the growth.

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Nice growth on them. I found a GHE feed chart for soil. The one I posted was for DWC and is a little different. I suppose the bottle would be your best bet. But I included this one for reference.
Looking for some big buds in a few months.

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Thanks so much for that! I really appreciate it. :hugs: I was almost at the point of chucking the tripart system and purchasing another brand hence posting this final, last ditch effort to find other growers using the same brand.

You and me, both! :joy: I’m trying all the things this time around. Even sprinkled some ‘Mykos’ - Mycorrhizal on my bean after seeing a thread where someone had done it. Time to level up my grows. :muscle:

I don’t suppose you’d have an opinion or any advice on a couple of other questions bouncing around my head? :thinking:

Nute strength for autos - most sources advise using 1/4 or 1/2 strength? Again, I’m watching her closely waiting for her to tell me what she wants but I’m curious.

Molasses - should I be adding this to every batch of water/feed?

Water to run off - this is probably more of a personal choice but roughly at what age do growers give their girls a good soak?