Terprervation question

Good day community, Im attempting to expand my extraction capabilites and I have a few questions.

  1. If I decarb beforehand using a closed vessel like a mason jar does that preserve terps?

  2. If so, when they volatilize will they then recondense back onto the plant matter when cooled and remain in the jar?

  3. If I then use the Source Turbo for ethanol separation, would the end product be close to full spectrum since the Source Turbo claims to preseve terpenes?

I look forward to the collective guidance and input, much thanks in advance .

IME decarb’ing will permanently change the terpene profile.

The way you do a QWET dictates whether it’s full spectrum or not. No need to decarb if doing dabs.

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Much thanks, my end product needs to be activated my goal is to make oil capsules for quick and easy dosing. I would blend the extract with MCT or coconut oil prior to encapsulation.

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For capsules I would do a 24 hour soak at -5F. I use a quart Mason jar, 30 grams of flower broken up by hand, enough 190 proof to cover and freeze. Shake the QWET several times over that period.

I use a ‘sprout’ lid on the Mason jar to quickly remove the solvent from flower then filter twice through a coffee filter (never needed a Buchner funnel) then into the ST.

If you have more QWET than will fit in the crucible do two runs rather than stop and add. I get less ‘bumping’ of the solution with a single continuous run.

We’ve done all of the different methods for edibles and have settled on an alcohol tincture in a shot glass with orange juice. Seems to work well.

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