Tent space for autoflower

How many autoflowers would a 4x3 tent hold comfortably?

4 tight, 3 ok, 2 if you want to be on the safe side… also, what strain and are you going to scrog?


I’ve done Six 5 gallon pots with autos in my second grow in a similar footprint. Some were doubled up, 9 plants in all. It a jungle and you need to stay on top of defoliation, but I got a huge harvest.

No more than five, if you want to put a lot - very seriously approach the issue of the distribution of the space of your tent.

Hey, just wanted to double check. Have a grow tent 4.4’ tall x 2’ wide x 3’ long. Just started 2 northern lights and would like to grow one Blackberry Kush . Made a mistake on my first grow. Grew 2 Super skunk one filled most of tent. Width wise, Height I don’t think should be problem, but width. Also have read about pots. keep seeing 2 to 5 gallon, wouldn’t a bigger pot produce a bigger plant?

4 at the most.

Height will be a problem as you need to allow for overhead lighting… what kind of lights are you using? Also… rule of thumb… 5 gallon pots preferably fabric so they can breathe and you can get away with 3 gallon for auto grows… if you use a bigger pot you should get bigger plant as it will allow for more root growth so 7 gallon. Adding a 3rd plant I think would over crowd the tent as most plants will grow 2 feet wide approx

Also the space is 72 inch tall. 4ft long 3 foot wide

4 plants, max.

wow… i have 4 x 8 and 6 plants is tight for me… that is less than mine 4 x 3… i usually scrog so i need 3 feet approx per plant