Temps and tips

She’s droopy I think because of the temperature went up. But why the yellow tips?

I have never seen leaves in that position. I have to think that there is some serious imbalance fo some kind, but we would need much mroe info as to what you have done.

See support ticket and copy/paste info here for more informed help

This is about 2-3 weeks old. I lost my light and had to substitute a smaller one until it was fixed. I replaced my regular light in <1week. The tips in the mean time did the yellowing, and the regular light made the temp rise to about 85-90 degrees on 24hrs. I have since adjusted the atmosphere but the leaves are still kinda sick looking. I reoptted it this am to see if it was a root/dirt problem and used a little seaweed in the water when I replanted. Other than that no nutrients added. These are in the same tent,soil,water,ect. </a

These gals are OGKUSH btw

Thanks in advance for your guidance!

It looks better today. Should I remove the bottom yellow or just wait for them to fall off?

Yes, Once a leaf is more than 2/3rds pale yellow; It is good practice to remove that leaf.

The nost imporatant thing to monitor during stress of plant is: What does the new growth look like? that is always the key. :slight_smile:

I tried your method of testing the Ph and TDS. I took 3 oz. of growing medium and mixed in 3 oz. of water. This left me with a clump of mud with no free water at all. What have I done wrong?

I assume you mean using the method described here: What are the best pH and PPM Levels for Growing Marijuana?

You may need to add more water. Just enough to make it slushy, where the whole thing will stir easily like a very thick liquid. I don’t think you should have to let it sit for 24 hours again, stirring it for a couple of minutes should be fine, use a screen, cheese cloth, or maybe something like an acid free coffee filter(if you have the patience to let it slowly drain though the filter, depending on the makeup of your soil that may take a long time), or maybe even just let it settle and skim the mostly pure water off the top, then test this more pure water to get an reasonable idea of where you are at in your root zone’s soil pH or the EC/TDS.

I laughed my ass off when you described this ball of MUD. Sorry.

Pls help got small tent 32"x 32"x 64 temp is 86 humidity 52 this when I opened tent it dropped what can I do to keep correct temp and humidity only have small 6" fan running on high temp and humidity with tent open is now @ 85temp 46humidity

About the only things you can do are make sure the temps outside the tent are low enough to help get the inside temps down and make sure you have a powerful enough exhaust fan to turn over the air inside the room fast enough to keep temps down.

You might need a much more powerful exhaust fan, and/or you need to supply colder air to the tent’s inlets.

Depending on the type of light, you might also be able to use a closed hood and keep the light’s heat from adding that much heat to the room by having the light’s enclosed hood only vent air out of and away from the tent, also with a good powerful centrifugal fan.

Currently no exhaust fan just 2 6" fans today was record high 100 ac in house running light is led outside temp reads 77 inside tent is now 85 humidity 49 that’s only with tent open will have to keep tent open until I get exhaust fan

is it ok for your to go from 75 degrees to 90 degrees when i run my 1000 watt MH I find it hard to keep temp. down it is 107 where i live i have a swamp cooler blowing cool air in with 2 small fans in side with forced exhaust