Temperatures in the grow

Temperatures in and around the grow room?Temperature under lights?? Grow room is 28/29 degrees Celsius, 81/82 F, under lights is a fair bit hotter, haven’t checked what the temperature is under the lights, will check later, the room is pretty much the same temp (28/9) everywhere I checked, lights are 3× 1000w hps, should I try to get the temperature under the lights down as well ? Lights are over the plants at good height or is the room temp is ok for grow and not worry about it, over the last week had some hot days and the plants just look different, doesn’t look bad just something seems not right, I don’t really know can’t put my finger on it , maybe nothing, just me worrying about them not far from the trimming :thinking: but the question I’m asking is the temperature at the top of the plants is too hot will as affect them, room temp is passable , hope you all can make sense of this I’m confused, cookies

Try running a/c in the room. Air cooled hoods should help also if you are not already using them. Or point fans at the canopy

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Hornhead thanks