Temp low or high

What’s to hot or to cold? I’ve always ran my indoor grow between 70° to 76°. I know some that hover around 80°. I seem to get best growth at low mid 70’s. Any thoughts? What’s your perfect temp?

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My temps stay at 75-80 range. I like the results! Temps drop about 8-10 degrees at lights off. Never been a problem! Beautiful pit as well, my friend!

Important factor is leaf surface temp. If growing with hid canopy temps around 78f usually ideal. Led doesn’t typically heat leaves as much so that’s probably where you see canopy temps 80ish or so.

Also Important to try and keep your vpd proper.

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So I just started my second grow. I put it in the basement. I just bought the cloudline fan and monitoring it for humidity and vpd. I just flipped them to 12-12. My temperature in the tent seems to run from 70-72 degrees during the day and drops to 65 at night. The vpd is staying in the healthy range, but just barely. I have the humidity set at 65 percent, so when it rises above 65, it kicks on and cools the tent, keeping it in the low 70’s. So far, it hasn’t been too bad, the temps I shared started when I flipped them.

@GrammaP, I also grow in my basement. Right now I’m running 2 dehumidifiers but once the spring thaw is over it ought to dry out a bit. Over the winter I don’t need to run them at all.

One thing you could do is let your lights push the temp a little higher, that will lower your RH. Set the controller to come on if the temp rises above 75. If that isn’t drying it out enough you’ll need to consider another dehumidifier.

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