Tell me all you know about hollow stems and branches

So in the tent watering this evening and decided to do a little late flower training(supercropping). Had a couple kolas i wanted to shift around. What i found was every stem on every plant is completely hollow. Its 6 plants, 2 sour d autos, 3 white og and a lone runt skunk #1.

I have had them before but this is the first time ive seen all the stems on 3 seperate strains do it. I read somewhere it means they are gonna be great, that its a good sign. Not something ive really paid attention to in the past.

Anyone got any science on this??

No science, the Johaars are sativa dominant super tall and hollow stemmed. I dont know if there is any correlation to strength? Maybe? They might actually suck? Until the bud is done its all a big question mark! Havent chopped the Afghans yet, a friend wants clones from them so Ill wait til he gets here to take some cuttings.

Doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Thats kinda what i think too. Ive had them before, nothing special, but nothing to worry about either.

Lots of info out ther ranging from “gonna be best shit you ever had!” To “calcium deficiency”.

Altho in the plant biology world seems to be some science to back up the hollow stem and calcium connection, nothing cannabis specific ive found tho.

According to DJ Short and one other breeder I cant remember, hollow stem phenos are higher in THC than their non hollow counterparts.


These are all high THC strains so that makes sense.

I’ve heard this as well. Sour Diesel is one that usually has a hollow pith.


Out of likes, but I like!

Hell that is one of the benchmarks we used for good weed in the 70’s.

Your plant has nice straws for drinking & eating.


@ggr. Thats what ive always been told as well.

I’ll let you know what mine looks like in a couple of weeks. Lol

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2 of mine are sour ds

I have cut stems when training before and had the stems gas out when cut. Very interesting the pressures in hollow stems.

Here’s some science for you.

There’s also pith autolysis and preprogrammed cell death

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I have never heard this! Anyone else??

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@RandomlyRan thats great info man. Read first already, will knock out other 2 in a few. Thanks!

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