What everyones thoughts on splitting stems to get more THC and yield

Hey guys ive been doing some reading and watching YouTube about splitting stems for bigger and better yield aswell as dencer nugs and more potent buds .ive been contemplating doing it to see what happens .So today i split my stem on my big purple lemonade auto to see if the buds get bigger and dencer ,so let me know what ur thoughts are on this topic and whether or not you would do it or if u do it to ur plants ,let me know how it turned out

Wow if i was a pro maybe but imho it’s a risk I’m not willing to take… best of luck to you…

I used to do it a few weeks before harvest. Supposedly it stress them into producing more trics. Honestly i couldn’t tell the difference


I think @yoshi did that to his plants & stuck them with needles i think, not sure where to find that info. @Aussie_autos my inside plants are 40 days since flip. ( photos ) whats the other light schedule i can put them on to keep the heat down? Is it 10 something or 6. I remember reading somewhere .

Tell you the truth im not sure about other light cycles for photos i only know the 12/12 you have to find out from one of the other members that grow photos m sorry

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Ill try asking on my thread, thanks agian hope your feeling a tad better

Thank you sorry i cant help with a light cycle for ya plants

I always thought 12&12 was the norm after flipping from 18&6


I think you are talking about Gaslight I know @Not2Sure @Nicky Yet uses it on some grows. Not a 100% sure but I believe its 10-5-2-5 hours not sure tho.


@Not2sureyet ran it and for autos didn’t like it but for photos didn’t mind it. DLI is still. Important here.


I think my DLI is 45-50

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@TT I’ve read on here that for heat control inside a tent, some will do 6-2 schedule 3x a day while in VEG. In flower, haven’t heard of it since ON hours are only 12, but you might be able to go 6-6 twice a day. I think you want to keep light and dark times the same duration.
Your tent gets really warm if the light are on 12 hours? I have mine now set to on at 9pm, off at 9am.


That’s plenty

I’ve never heard this before but that’s not a surprise lol… but I did find this thread I started looking through that had some interesting points from Hellraiser and others… @ThcinKC might be able to help??

@TT tag me in your thread I’ll have found yours by then hopefully :crossed_fingers:

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Thats a good thread thanks for sharing .well my plant seems to be doing well after the splitting of the stem i know ive done it to early my thought is if people do this a week before harvesting .wouldnt doing this three weeks earlier should give me better results wouldnt you think !


We are about to find out!! Hopefully great!! :star_struck: good vibes your way!! How’s the health doing? Was stomach or something if my stoner mind is working right?
Also @TT i didn’t realize @Spudgunner already had you covered in what I was thinking about :man_facepalming::joy:

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Yah health is good with the stomach i just have covid 19 at the moment

Dang I’m sorry to hear this!! Getting you rough lately huh? Dang well I hope it doesn’t treat you too bad… if that’s a thing… sending good vibes your way!! :facepunch:

Im on the mend i still have hot and cold shivers headaches and sneezing and coughing im finding it abit hard to breathe due to my chest is so sore from sneezing and coughing a hell of a lot but im all good still smoking the good stuff

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Ive done it before and thought i saw more trichomes but I believe it also caused my plant to hermie. Ive had better luck with UVA & UVB than stem splitting as you can see a noticeable increase of trichomes

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