TDS meter for rookies

Hi there,

So when I bought my nifty “Zero-water” filter and pitcher it came with a cute little tester that I tossed in the drawer and forgot about. Imagine my surprise now to find 3 curious letters on that tester - “TDS”

Just FYI


That’s pretty cool @Whodat66
I would pick up some tds meter calibration fluid and check accuracy tho first before trusting it 100%
But that is cool lol
How long it take to run a gallon of water threw the zero water ? Good idea :bulb: :+1:

Since I was worried about chlorine and stuff, I actually use the filtered water instead of distilled or tap. It comes out TDS 000, and then I just pH after the nutes. The top reservoir holds about a quart, and it takes about 10 minutes for it to filter through.

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I honestly haven’t delved into the TDS crap yet. Will study while germinating the next effort.


It looks like all the cheaper meter I’ve seen I’m sure it works fine tho just check it fir accuracy that’s all
You should get a basic understanding of how to use it tho imo before you need it bro lol
thats pretty cool wouldn’t work for me with 5-6 plants going would take to long to filter also I have good well water so no need
But I like the idea brother @Whodat66
Happy growing :v: :cowboy_hat_face: CB

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Hi, have been looking at different TDS testers. Watched videos on how to test and showed chemicals you add to have accurate sample to test, seems logical to have an accurate control point. Then calibrate. Looking at $ 15 to $20 range or so. Lots say auto calibrating. ? Don’t understand how that can work, Even the expensive scales i use in my my business have to be calibrated first with known weight. Haven’t been able to find this particular question here,

Can you help me out with this?