Trying to figure out tds

I bought a tds meter, and I’m not understanding. I mixed my water with the suggested amount from the fox farm schedule for soil, and the tds only went up around 300. From 160 from my well water to 437 after nutrients. What am I missing?

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What did you specifically mix?

Also what kind of meter do you have?

Is it reading tds? Ppm? Ec? They are all the same things just diff vaues. Ppm also comes in diff scales so all kinda relative


Agree with above, the unit I have has 3 different modes to measure. If can take a pic of your meter, or put a link up sure we can figure this out for you

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Yeah, that sounds wonky. Looking at some notes, I use Humbolt’s Secret (comparable to FF I think) and a full dose nutes adds about 1000ppm to rainwater (17ppm).
Hell, just a pinch of baking soda adds 100ppm to a gal …

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One thing to consider…make damn sure you shake the bottles real good before using FF. It settles over time and is real thin on top. Could be these were sitting in storage for extended period.

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Here it is. I was playing around with it just now and I tried it on some MaxiBloom I had. I used two tsp in a gallon of water, and it went from 160 to 85. I don’t get it. With the fox farm I used 1 tsp of grow big, 2 tsp of tiger bloom, and 3 tsp of big bloom, plus 1/4 tsp of beastie bloomz.

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This sounds like a meter malfunction. You added to the water and the ppms went down. Red flag there


Agreed. Probably a bad meter. Even if that was a typo and meant to/from, that still ain’t right.

Well that sucks. It seems to measure my well water vs. my soft water. Oh well, I’ve never used one up until now anyway. Just thought I’d try it since I read about tds all the time.

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Yeah seems to be a meter malfunction. Not trying to be rude but looked up your meter 10 bucks. If possible get a better one. It’s one of those things you get what you pay for. Once I figured out how to use mine made things easier

They are really cheap. Just get 'nother one. Mine was like 7 bucks on amazon and works fine.

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Im team cheap tds meter myself. Its 2 years old and workd last time i put some new batteries in it lol.

Send it back for another. If it dont work then try a new brand. Dont have to super splurge on the tds. Pretty basic reading


I got this one, local grow shop has them, gave me a yr warranty