Tall seedling

This seedling has been like this for two weeks now and starting to lean over, I’m thinking of transplanting it to the regular 3 gallon bucket and putting it into the grow room.

the smallest sprout is the one I’m talking about. I would be moving it into a 3 gallon bucket as I did the other two. The grow tent is using a 600 watt grow light, on a timer , with a 18 hour schedule. I think I need to get it going. or should I just transplant it again. It sprouted the weekend of July 28th, 2014. The big one was July 15th, the other a week after Big one sprouted

I wouldn’t transplant that. Does not look like it is growing. You can always just put that pot into the tent…

This second set of pics is what happened to that tall seedling that I moved to the grow tent. The first pic is 4 plants, that tall seedling is the bottom one. All are white willow. The second pic shows the tall one that is in the bottom pic. That has been growing now for 6 weeks. I have the timer on for 18 hours. Should I move the Tall plant into my closet after 12 hours to induce flowering? The others are still on 18 hour schedule.

Yeah, that can work, separate it from the others to give it the 12 hours of darkness it needs to flower.