Seedling not standing up straight

Hello, I just started a new strain and this is the first time I have seen a seedling look like this. Is this normal or do you think it will die?


Looks good so far. She’ll stand up straight in a few hours. Do you have a light on it?


Completely normal. Give her a day, she’ll stand up.

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Hi @Duke1 long time no see she looks like she will be good glad to see you back at it sharing what you can do with that green thumb :wink:


Looks like a new born to me! Looks great @Duke1


Yes it’s under a T-5 for now. Will be joining the rest in a few weeks outside.

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Thanks! It’s all the help I get at ILGM growers and all the great advice.

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Just a quick question if i may.Ive been using potting mix to sprout seedlings but the seedlings that survive have thin stalks and fall over! How can I improve my chances of a healthy plant?

What kind of light are you using? It could be not enough. I use a T-5 at first then a 300 watt led in my small tent and after they have about 4 or five sets of leaves I put them outside. Shady area at first then gradually into the sun. This seedling I posted about seems not to be growing any longer the seed was stuck on it. I did a little surgery to help it along. I have done that many times with great results. This seedling looks the same. Here is a pic of my plants I started back in April they are 8 weeks old.

@Jaibo11 if I run into that problem long stems I bury the stem up to the head of the seedling and I also use a fan with a gentle breeze so it moving all the time! Makes the stem stronger. I’m sure others might have better info I have learned so much from ILGM. Good luck.

Have a odd thing happening. The seedling that I posted about did not make it😢the one that did is odd looking and it’s growing pistils on the two true leaves🤔 Has anyone heard of this happening?

The leaves look odd as well!

Ty for the advice duke.Your set up looks great! Id say your seedling will come good after 3 days