Take lower branches off

A question from a fellow grower:

Hi Robert. I hope u can answer this. I want to take the lower branches off the plant that’s already in flowering to clone can I do this or is a waste of time

Helli there,
I’m not Robert, but I can answer that for you.
Yes you can. I dovit all the time. I taje my clones during the 2nd week of flower. You could take during the 3rd week but I wouldn’t
Go beyond that.



Yes it will work - you will be butting the flower in veg - Know people that have done this but the only draw back is the time invested is long about 5 months total (clones from flower’s)

Just got one switched back to Veg (taken at about 3 weeks flower)
took 10 weeks but never produced roots, gave up and planted
just to see and it came back :slight_smile: and is now in re-veg

My Re-Veg flower clone

do you use a root stimulator ?

Yes tried 2 different CLONEX & VITA GROW,
Neither produced any results ? Most likely due
to the fact I can’t seem to keep the Humidity high
enough, Lucky to get 70% RH. I use the
tray with doom but never get or see roots. It is
only after I put them in soil still in the rockwool cubes
before they will come around.


RH has nothing to do with the way root stimulator’s work. It must contain “mychroohiza” an fungi that builds spider root that turn into large roots - this stuff really works. Look at “Extreme Gardening.com” also this site (ILM) might have a root stimulatoir

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High RH is needed for moisture intake through the
leafs and I was assuming they are having a hard time
getting enough moisture.

I use Pro-Mix HP when I plant (Pro-Mix HP has Mycorrhizae)
so this could be the reason I can/t get roots until I put in Pro-Mix.

Also my clones are taken 2nd to 3rd week of Flower which
I think may take longer to root ?

BTW Thanks for responding and offering your insight, It is
very helpful. I do believe your input on the MYCORRHIZAE
is probably my problem when trying to root in Rockwol

I use a propagation mat and get up to 100% humidity in a dome at 80*

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My growing location seems to have minimal Humidity, even with
humidifier I struggle to keep in the 50 to 60 % RH in grow room.
Good for Flower not so much for clones

I do use a heat mat set at like 84 deg and still can’t exceed 70%
at best. I would swear its my meter but I have 2 and they read
within ± .5 of each other.

At times I have even put them in the bathroom with the hot water
going in the shower to raise the humidity its just I cant afford that
option for any sustained length of time

Am I’m hearing desert…!? :cactus::boom: lol

What about a bubble cloner?

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Bubble cloner is a very good idea, thanks.
I think I will do some research on building
one for my next attempt.


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My plants are only 3 weeks, but I’m going to be making one soon too, will watch what you do and get some ideas! -Good luck

Bubble cloner all the way and if you want them to revert faster start them off with a day of dark then put them on a 20/4 low light either far from light or with light diffused in a dome with sheet of paper over the top. Takes some time for them to revert but they will root faster in a bubble cloner.

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If you want to build bubble cloner it is very simple air pump a stone and a light proof container with holes in the top and neoprene inserts mine cost me about 30 to make holds up to 12 clones and have 100% success with it everytime.


I must be doing at least something right as I seem
to always eventually get them to root, it just
takes months and I don’t seem to have a problem
keeping them alive until they do. BTW I read every
post everyday here, have watched countless videos, read
many articles and books. Never accept anything as fact
until I try it myself

Just because you say no offense
does not make it less offensive

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cheap bubble cloner and its working great.


I am sure you did not and I do appreciate any and
all advice you can offer. I was just trying to say it
did sting a little :cry:

However I do accept I am missing something
which is why I posted the issue in the first place