Preferred method of cloning?

I am curious as to what others r doing to clone, whats your preferred method? I like to use stim root powder but am wondering about gel too.

I used to use rockwool cubes but am going to try the jiffy pucks this time and possibly the gel and powder?? Im pretty sure i read on a different post on forum that someone mentioned using gel and powder??
Looking for tips to make things go good.

Jiffy pellets, rooting powder, humidity dome, 90%+ success.

Rock wool, rootech gel, and humidity dome. Mist a few times per day. 100% success first try.

Some folks use the gel and then dip in powder. Aloe Vera also works.

I have heard about the aloe vera, interesting. How about how do u all like to prep a cutting? I used to do it 15 years ago but now im reading alot of peolpe clip lower leaves off and the cut the top leaves kind of in half??? Is cuttin them a good idea at that delicate stag??

some say trimming the leaves stimulates root development.

Trimming the tips of the leaves and scrapping the bottom of the stem on a clone gives the plant more surface area to absorb moisture. And also directing energy I think.

Just cut the stem at an angle, maybe a nick or two and cut the leaves in half to cut down on transpiration. I don’t know if the nicks help but they don’t hurt. Mist a couple times a day for a week or two.

Cloning is very simple, really, once you get a few under your belt.

Leafs loose the their moisture through the tips so cutting the leaf tips helps it retain moisture and cutting the stem at 45°+ angle gives more surface area to absorb water as do whats left of the leaves and scraping the stem exposing the cells then rooting hormone really helps permote root growth

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These are my 5 week old clones

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Im just not good at cloning i have tried very poor sucess rate with for some reason most end up hermieing so im stressing them out bad somehow

Hmmmm. It’s pretty easy. Are you giving them enough humidity??

I dome them it seems to stay wet under domes i spray when needed just never had a great success rate i think out of 30 mabey 3 clones have made it to the finish without herming or dieing

Are u shavin the end and cutting at 45’degree ang and then leave in water if it stays strong then yr good if not then do same again but make sure you hit stem I hope that helps fam

I shave bottom and notch opposite side of shaved side.

Actually trimming the tips of the leaves helps the leaf take in moisture I understand what you’re saying the Leaf tips lose water but in the dome the humidity so high that the leaves can’t lose water and the only way it can absorb moisture is through the leaves until root growth has started and you will notice the root growth starting by the leaves turning yellow since the media is so moist that they yellow almost immediately when Roots pop because they have too much moisture available then they need to come out of the Dome into soil and dry out immediately or they will rot

so one good tip let your cuttings soak in RO water right from the tree… overnight to suck up as much water and plump up before you cut the 45 scrape the stem and do all that dipping and sticking you an actually leave them in RO for over a week and still use them no problem just keep the cut submerged cometly also take your cuttings when the plant is in its most vigorous stage if not Taken shortly after a shock. The plants clones will have little to no chance

Yea i do but i just learned to grow from seed i have better luck lol

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This is great, lots of good info. Thanks for sharing everyone.

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Aloe vera fan here! Learned from @Mrcrabs thread! 100% success so far! Cloning with aloe Vera


Wat u mean aloe Vera hand gel or something cause I have 99% aloe Vera

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