Switching lights during flower

I upgraded to a Mars Hydro FC 6500. I’m in the beginning of week 5, would it be ok to switch to these lights? I’m going from LED to LED.

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I don’t see why not , just start it at the same height or maybe a little higher if it’s more powerful and if they dont freak out in the first couple of days, slowly lower it day by day until you get back to the height that you started out with the old LEDs… :wink::+1:
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TY!! And I meant beginning of the 5th week of flower. I’m using a 4x4 & I’m worried the FC6500 may be too much light for the tent. Right now I have 2 of those Bloom LEDs & 1 of those Honor ones like in the pics

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The fc 6500 is a killer light, too much for a 4x4, but you can turn it down!