Sweet Nurse CBD Auto

After 4 successful grows and killing 4 plants I’ve decided to give it another try.

Sweet Seeds Sweet Nurse CBD autoflower
Promix Organic soil
Under 4 x 100w cfl’s + a 20w red blue LED
temp day is 25c night 20 c
humidity 75% day

germinated two seeds one is doing great and twice the size as this one.

Any ideas of what is wrong? Thanks

Lookalike a nutrient deficiency. Lol
I like to reference this when I run into problems.
Maybe a pro can help out.

Top down deficiencies are potentially a result of a ph issue and related to immobile nutrients

If it was bottom up I’d say get that plant some nitrogn but it’s not

Nitrogen deficiency,
Waiting on a cbd strain to come in. Let me know how you like it.

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Read my post I’m not convinced. I’ve never seen a nitrogen deficiency start at the top


After going back @Fever makes a point.

@HJL can you fill out a support ticket please.

Looks like maybe a zinc deficiency? I will do some more research.
I think you have a zinc/iron problem. “You can resolve zinc deficiency through implementing a micro mix compound containing zinc, iron and manganese. You can also try zinc sulfate (wiki), zinc oxide and chelated zinc. Another option is an excellent product such as Marijuana Booster, which gives your plant plenty of the variety of nutrients it needs, including zinc”.

Also, flush your system with pure, pH water that has almost half of the necessary nutrients for your plant which will include, manganese, zinc and iron. Pay attention and give it a few days to fully recover on the new growth"
Here are the zinc symptoms, and iron is similar.
Leaf Color:
– Yellow Leaves On New Growth
– Yellowing Between Veins
– Speckled / Patchy Pattern

Leaf Symptoms:
Upper Leaves / New Growth Damaged
– Leaf Tips Appear Burnt
– Leaf Tips Are Dying
– Yellowing Between Veins
– Speckled / Patchy
– Slow Growth
– Non-vertical Growth
– Leaves Curl Under

Plant Symptoms:
Slow Growth
– Leaves Curl Under
– Too Short
You may not have all the symptoms yet, but it looks like a good fit. The advanced growers might have different thoughts.I

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It’s a damaged root system. Just keep babying it and eventually it’ll grow and develop new roots to fix the damaged portion. Think of it like blood circulation if you damage the few of your upper veins and arteries well your deficiencies will be at the top knot at the bottom if that makes sense it’s kind of a crude way of explaining it it’ll fix itself. Just do light feeding and nutrients and regular watering

Ok just for clarification some def present in new growth some in older growth root damage usually presents equally but primarily in slowed top growth. Metals present in new growth like Iron Zinc Mag etc… Old growth damage is typically Micro nutrients N-P-K and Calcium :wink:

Any of these 3 could be the culprit if you haven’t fed your plants since they sprouted metals are usually easily fixed and yes can be ph issue

Thanks for all the input.
An update.

She’s a month old now. Broke soil September 3

First nutes were September 20th and I have her on a feed, feed, water schedule.

Sept 28 watered 1 L with half strength General Hydroponics Flora Nova 7-4-10
Oct 2 watered 1 L with half strength General Hydroponics Flora Nova 7-4-10
ppm in 412 out 768
pH in 7.1 out 6.6

The Flora Nova has magnesium 1.5% zinc 0.2% and iron 0.1%
What’s a good product to bring my iron and zinc up or is what I’m using enough.



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