Possible Deficiency Copper?

I am a first time grower. It started as just a fun project then when I had some luck with the seeds finally it became a serious project. I used natural organic soils and led lighting. I read the e book Marijuana Cultivation quite a few times over the last few months checking and double checking. Then I found your site. The plants went into the 12 and 12 around the 9th of July. Now that the buds are forming I am noticing brown tips on many of the leaves. I do understand that it is normal for the shade leaves to dry and die. I did prune the shade leaves off when a noticiable sign of growth was detected at the base. I would appreciate any advice. My widow is just now starting to flower. Thanks

Brown tips may be a sign of over feeding, if it is just the pointy tips.

I think that it would be helpful if you uploaded 1-2 clear pictures in order to help identify your issues. I do not recall anyone ever having a copper deficiency. Are you using Nutrients or any other additives we should know about? What is the ph of your soil? water?

Look forward ot your reply. :slight_smile:

Hi, About the only nutrients I used was the super thrive once a week when I watered. I only water about every 3 days even in this stage. Not sure why, unless it is the led lighting but the soil stays wet for about 3 to 4 days before it feels like need any water. I did give them a fertilizer of 10 10 10 twice that was once a month. And when I started them flowering I gave them a boost of 5 25 5. Other than that they have pretty much grown on their own. I did trim shade leaves as new growth sprouted and always waited till the new shoots were well defined before trimming unless they were turning yellow and dying at the bottom. The room is open and well ventilated. I don’t know the ph balance but will go out and get a tester today. Thanks .

Looks like you may have a soil mix that stays wet too long. (holds too much moisture.

Also; I think I see burnt tips on the fan leaves. Too much fertilization. not deadly from what I can see.

Yes. Need to know the PH.

Yeah, they do look like it could be from the roots kinda suffocating from too much water, that too can cause this type of leaf stress.