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![image|666x500](uploaUploading: B253D698-FB6E-4377-87AD-00F52CB09845.jpeg… d://egswvCH5X28MV3mdtoAzxAA6iDo.jpeg)

These buds on plant to the right look weird to me very knobberly?..It’s a NL photo strain from ILGM any thoughts


Foxtails. Light intensity is likely too high. You can clip them off and they won’t continue but new ones will continue to start. Sometimes genetic. Raise lights or lower intensity a bit if you can.


^ this right above

^ what the first guy said…fox tailing is a growth spurt…might move light higher.

Just here to put a ^ as well. :joy::joy: u guys rock

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Foxtails just smoke em!