Funny looking growth spurts in last stage of flowering

Question of a fellow grower:

" Hi there, Can anyone explain to me why my buds which are growing well and in the last stages of flowering all of a sudden are getting these funny looking growth spurts for the past couple of weeks now, the growing conditions has not changed at all, how do i stop it, thanks in advance on any help or advice. Craig"


It’s called foxtailing.
Happens when canopy temps are too high for too long. Maybe double check your temps.
Also can be due to genetics in later stages of flowering. Some strains are more prone to it than others. :v:


Foxtailing is usually caused by too much light or a plant being too close to the light. Try moving your light away from the plant.


I agree with the others, foxtails. Usually caused by an environmental issue if not a genetic trait.


I have a plant doing that. My temps never get above 75. And i have dimmed my light, raised my light, and all. But you know what. They always fill in around the fox tails making more bud. More bud can’t be a bad thing. As long as they dont get to big and drain to much energy from the rest of the bud development.

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My understanding is that foxtailing doesn’t change the effectiveness of the weed, just the appearance.

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I’ve been told there is “good” and “bad” types of Foxtailing? Not sure what the difference is though?