Support - Deleting Post

Hey ya’ll - I’m trying to figure out how to delete a post?

There’s the option to delete comments on the post but not the entirety of it? And no option to delete the entire account?

Can I please have some assistance with this, I feel users should be able to remove posts.
Cheers :v:t3:

There are some strange rules on this forum 4sure I don’t think you can delete the entire account you just have to sign out and not come back. Deleting posts you can delete them but it puts them on a hold for i believe it is 3 days then it goes away it’s so they can police your every word I guess, that way if you say something you shouldn’t have they can still see it for three days. All of this is in the rules that they ask you to read before you setup the account so you agreed to it as did the rest of us. I’ve only been on a couple forums and this one is different from them but not sure about the other ones :thinking: hope this helps you out

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Pretty weird! I don’t mind the time it takes to have comments deleted, but I do find it super odd that you can’t edit the original post to remove or add details

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You can edit posts up to a certain amount of time. I do not know what the exact edit window is, my guess a couple minutes or so.


When you first start it’s a really short window for edits on your posts and the time increases with your trust level along with more likes, things you can edit, and the ability to flag others posts


Hey @beardless will you tag me into your journal if you don’t mind I’d really like to watch your experiment with your pvc framed single colas.

@moonmouse what do you want removed? Put up a link if you would and I’ll look at it.

If you want to leave the forum I can’t delete your user name but can anonymize it so it won’t ever appear again. I think.


Hey that would be great - thanks a lot, the link is

I’d just like to have that one removed :slight_smile: cheers!

@MeEasy Sea of Green Acres AK47 & NL Clones
I have not posted much to it lately. They are pretty much just filling in

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Hey @beardless I tried the link it won’t load for whatever reason.
I’m going to start some autos here in the next couple weeks I’ll tag you in on it. I’ve never grown autos and have never done a journal so it might get interesting :thinking: :rofl: I’m probably going to do a everything I’m growing thread more than a journal of a single grow

I’m requesting this as well I’d appreciate it.
Thank you!

Do you want your account anonymized? Be clear because once it’s done there’s no going back.

Hello i would also like posts removed with pictures when u search my email my plants i grew last year come up.

I would also like to change my username if possible.

I can’t remove old posts as they are archived differently. I can change your username: just let me know what it is you’d like. That ought to separate you from posts with your email associated with it.

Hey thanks alot. Can u change it to Guavacaker.

There you go.