Desperately need to delete a post

Trying to send msg to admin of the forum, “not allowed to send to this person”
i did manage to send a msg to support just now, also chatted w cust srvc a week ago, but its still a problem. Can anyone with authority at the forum admin please send me a direct private msg- very important, needs to be addressed asap. thank you!

@garrigan62. @Hogmaster. Can you guys help?

Thanks bud, I was a bit frustrated and frantic at the same time, never crossed my mind to tag someone. It worked, they both replied!
Thanks again for the assistance, im still somewhat of a newbie to the whole forum thing and appreciate the help.

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Your welcome I’m happy to help

I am in need of deleting my original post due to personal information. Is there a way I can receive some help?

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I think you need somebody from admin mate. The only one I know is @dbrn32. If he can’t help - he’ll know who can. :v: :sunglasses:

Flag the post in question and I will take care of it