Deactivate user account

I can’t figure out how to opt out, deactivate or cancel my forum membership.
Please help

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@latewood would be able to help but I’m sure we’d all wish you would stay. You can always uncheck all the email notifications in your preferences so you don’t get bothered unless you come here.


If you don’t mine me asking…what happend that you would want to leave. Maybe i can help you out if you had a bad experence with one of our members or any other issue that i may help you with. Because as @Matthew420 said, we would hate to loose you as a member



Hey folks
It’s nothing negative or anything like that.
On the one hand ,I have enjoyed opportunity to converse with like minded people.

BUT on the other I’ve put so much effort into anonymity and minimizing my online presence and flying under the radar over the years that my continued participation here completely contradicts my own position on maintaining complete privacy. And while th horse may already be out of the barn, I really am more of a hermit than I admit to.

I will simply opt out of participating as suggested if it’s that much of a hassle to deactivate or cancel my account.



Hey Willd,

the best I can do is anonymize your account. Not sure what that does but it’s the only option without having to go through all your posts. Let me know if you want to go through with this and by this time tomorrow it’ll be done.

Though I must say, we at ILGM treasure your anonymity. If privacy is the main reason for leaving you can rest asure; we hardly have any details about you and what we have (email address) is safe with us.

Otherwise drop a line below and your account will be anonymized tomorrow.

All the best,


Hey Roy,
No worries man. I can drop back under the radar easily enough.


I have been trying to find out the same thing…my issue is there is one user here that makes snide off topic comments at me or whoever I’m talking to and I’d rather just walk away quietly than tell them to shut up…normally I would…seen me do it. Not here,mind you, but in other situations.

Well I for one would hate to see ya go brother.


Thanks @Beans…I just don’t appreciate being scolded for having a conversation. I guess I flagged his buddy or whatever. It’s all good though…best of luck in the bud of the month.

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I’m reminded of an appropriate post from @70sChick said something like
Don’t wrestle with pigs. You get all dirty and what’s worse is THEY enjoy it.


I echo @Beans sentiment as well.
We’re reminded of the famous words from poet John Lydgate, later adapted by President Lincoln

“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.


Ignore the person (I’ve got a couple on my “list” and I would not give them the time of day) and please, @Buck3, stick around. You would be missed and that person you are talking about will get moderated sooner or later and be enjoying their own “break from the site.” Peace.

PS I suspect your user may be on my list and if we had private messages I would share.


If that stuff happens guys please flag it and let a mod no what’s going on we will fix that thanks guys Just trying to get everybody to get along I know it’s not gonna happen everywhere but we can’t be everywhere either


My husband seems to think that I am “being watched” because I’m on this website. Is it possible to delete the pics on my forum topic “Help a beginner out”? as well as delete my account? He’s is paranoid I have put out on the internet my business… so. I will be back to purchase seeds, but in order to keep the peace in the house, I need to delete account. Thanks

@Countryboyjvd1971 or @latewood may be able to help

Damb, can’t find a private place to connect with support. Let me know where that is please.

You are private here @Usdfndr There is little anyone could do to get your information. If you are worried about the law getting to you. That will not be the case. There are millions of users online every day doing this kind of stuff. For law enforcement to try and track 1 single person down would use up a ridiculous amount of recourses and man power. They have bigger fish to fry.

That does make me feel better but if i were a novice cop from Georgia, the Peach State, I’d be trolling your forum. Hence… Peachfuzz is who replied to my connect on a post. Can i change my forum name?

I am unsure on how to change your forum name, if its possible. Creating a new account possibly. I do know however Peachfuzz is a member that has dedicated a lot of time to this forum and is liked by many people here.

Just go to your profile & change it. Easy peasy. It doesn’t help with your old posts, though; they’ll have your new name.

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