Supersoil myths and why you might want to think twice

Im kind of annoyed because, being a beginner grower, there are a load of recipes that have you spending good money for nothing.
People buy into myths because they are excited about the idea of growing huge bud. But more isn’t necessarily better.


…and this

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Thanks for sharing.

I think the problem is, there is no one size fits all answer to the question. If you are using bagged mixes for your grow, or live in sandy soil where I am and its a brand new garden, definitely look at micorrhizae.
Certainly in my case, I saved myself over $45 by not buying it, but my garden is something Ive worked on for many years. I built up lots of organic material and haven’t used any chemicals on it at all. I also use an organic fertiliser thats locally made for the soil and weather conditions here. This has already been impregnated with many of the bacteria and fungi (including mycorrhizae) in a way that releases it slowly into the soil.
Same applies for compost teas. Probably no real benefit, but I have the materials to do it and might give it a go. I can also make my neighbours some up to use on their rose garden and they can give me the verdict. :slight_smile:
Im just saying this because many people would be getting recipes from this site and it may not suit where they live.
B ut the science is in re mycorrhiza. If its certain conditions, then yes. Another reason not to bother is if you are using a high concentration of phosphates (which would include most supercoil mixes). you won’t get any benefit from using it. Its kinda like taking an expensive vitamin pill when your diet is already healthy.

Supersoils are awesome and work great !!!

If you know what your doing…

I sorta get what yer saying, I too use natural organic soil, made by tens of thousands of years of decomposition and gently ammended as needed. Super soils do work but they are strong and tend to kill of living bacteria and such. What they tend to do well is mimic natural process in a targetted way for those that dont have access to high quality soil or in other words its a fast way but expensive way to do what takes years to accomplish in a very short time. Much of the fertilizers and mumbo jumbo is not much more than fancy artwork on a plastic bottle or package, in many cases some of these products are made elsewhere and are the same product just in someone elses package. I kinda liken the fertilizer movement to a softer form of Monsanto. It works, I just dont like it. If it kills bacteria or worms or mycos I dont like it.


I know now that the lobster and crab meal that I added to my soil will not be useful to my plants for a long time. Those little red bits of shell are for my benefit. Plants do not have any money. They are feeding me bs instead of feeding my plant. Just like a fancy fishing lure catches your cash. You don’t need it.
If I put the lobster and crab meal in a ball mill for a week or two, I might be able to change it into something useful. Bone meal and shells are good for starting an outdoor garden when you have poor soil. You amend the soil with it and till it in once. Over many years it feeds your garden soil.
I’m looking for a place to post a question about phosphorus. I’ll keep reading this category.