Super Silver Haze, photo, hydro fill & drain

Super Silver Haze photo flower order#2612208, 5’x5’ tent, Megaphoton 450w square array, fill and drain system, pea gravel medium, 2.5 gallon buckets, 60 gallon reservoir, MasterBlend 3 part system dry nutrient mixed according to the label, 18 hr light veg cycle 6am-12am, 15 min fill at 6am and 6pm

All dates from day of planting and first water of seed. Planted 9 seeds, 1 in each bucket. They all germinated by the 4th day.

One plant is clearly a runt, a few mid-size and a few large. The middle one is coincidentally the largest, one of the outside ones is also about the same size. There seems to be quite a bit of genetic difference between the plants even though clearly the same strain, the largest is almost twice as big is the smallest. I should’ve noted the size of the seeds before planting them because there was a noticeable bit of difference and now I’m wondering if that relates to the size of the plants.

I will not be topping these plants at all. I have been removing the main body leaves as the secondary branches become viable. I may or may not remove some lower limbs depending on the grow. I will note with each picture how much leaf has been removed.

Trimmed lower two sets of leaves

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Lower 4 sets of leaves have been removed