Sunraise bar2400

the reviews on this light are good and the price is very reasonable…anyone used this light?

I only found it on Ebay. Do you have anything other than that?


I found it on Amazon. You’d be better off with something else.

We don’t have the money Just yet back I maybe thought 2 of these added with the Vivosun VS1000 Light would work for our 4x4x6 foot tent. Any Ideas can’t be a lot of money. "Grow Light, BLOOMSPECT Dimmable SL1000 LED Grow Lights Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants with Samsung Diodes, 1000W Plant Growing Lamps with Reflector Hood for Veg and Bloom 2x2ft @BobbyDigital

So don’t know what your budget is, but I had some good results with the viparspec xs 1500 model, thinks it’s around 120. Will do a good job in a 2x2 space. Any XS model comes with 301 dio and meanwell driver. All good stuff

Maybe about 150-180 I am believing this would be how much we could spend. I have been looking at lights from many places but need to focus on which one to save up money. You all know better than I from which I have learned from all. I regret not reading this forum 1st back in May when we could afford better lights.

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Ok so few questions.
1 in a 4x4x6 how many plants have you started ?
2. You looking for a forever light ? Or just to get by
3 what light you have now?

4-5 plants A light which can work forever yes. VS1000 LED Vivosun and a 4 foot 2 bulb Fluorescent grow lights

This one is a bit more but the price is in aussie dollars so it may be cheaper USA dollars this wat i use and ive gotten great results i have this in a 70-70-160 tent its probably a bit big for my tent but it does a great job

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It draws 300 watt from wall

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No noise, that’s a plus :thinking:

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I bought a few of these to play with. Was SHOCKED. Stupid light just performs. 301b chips. Meanwell driver. Cheapest pos design on power coupling ever. That being said…lays out the light. So simple a board it is scary. Seperate driver for the panels. Bloom switch for red. Dimmer. I realize it is not high end. I also realize the coupling is crap"be gentle". But the performance at the price point is outstanding. I am going to put a pic of a girl i have run from clone day 1 to present using the kit of 2 for 200 true watts. I do have much better lights. I use these because so versatile and single out a girl with them. Will push a 2x4 or 3x3 with ease. After this girl harvests ill store till next time. Was an impulse buy that actually paid off.

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They look alright they do the job. Look at this light

I have this one .Ive been thinking about putting a red led bar grow light in there aswell the red led bar light has inferred plus UV ,far red ,deep red leds

My 2 cents do you need something right now. Do you already have plants growing? If so then try to get the best you can. Most lights that use Samsung dios and meanwell driver you will be ok. I would try to wait as long as can, Black Friday sales, sure you can find a good deal then.

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Take a look at the Barrina BU-2000 LED . . . about $140 and for a cheap light I’ve been impressed.
I bought one to cover some strawberries I have in my veg area. It hangs beside a Mars TSW2000 and I’d say it’s very comparable in performance, and I do like the adjustable wings as well.
I haven’t tried it in flower at all, but I think it is a solid light and should do well for the $.

Yes plants are growing with what we have in the tent. I am gleaning info so i dont waste our money on a crappy light

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Completely understand. I have 3 lights now, only use 1. So like said before if can wait tell Black Friday, wait because everything is on sale, if can’t wait look at the cocco for cannibals website. They have good reviews of smaller lights in your range and have discounts code to use. Best of luck

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Hlg he’s having a big scratch and dent refurbished sale you might be able to get something good priced there

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Doesn’t look bad for the price