Looking for a light that won’t break the bank

Hi everyone, I am a total newbie. I currently have a bloom plus light that will cover a 2x2 tent, unfortunately the tent I have is 4x4. The light does not have a dimmer on it you just power it up and it’s fully on. I am looking for a light that I can adjust as well as have a vegetation and flowering that won’t break the bank. Currently have 3 seedlings in the tent and I want to give my girls light they deserve. Any suggestions?

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Welcome to our fun family! We my wife brought a grow kit and a 4x4x6 tent with a light not big enough. Oh poop. We dont have enough money yet to buy a bigger one. We have a Vivosun VS1000 LED. IT works but i learned fast. My tent i rearrnged the girls to be in 2.5x2 foot area under the lights.which seems to be best for now. DLI IS 38.9-48.9 PPFD 754-574 WHICH IS god for vegging.i have extra lights Flouresnet grow bulbs 4 footers which add a bit. Water from the bottim ,fabric 5 gallon bags keeps those fungus gnats at bay heat is 72-77 Rh is floating45-62% airflow high, passive vents pien ,no exhaust fan running now keeps Rh up SO SAVE SO MONEY AND BUY A HIGHER LED LIGHT AT LEAST A 2000WATT I WOULD SAY. Santa Claus is coming I hope to our house haha what say you @BobbyDigital @Nicky @Yoshi @oldmarine Did i do ok in the light referance

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MH-HPS 600 watt about 120 bucks

Lots of great sales out there for black friday. Watch for flash sales at 50% off or better.


Here is some lights they come in different sizes

I was looking at the BESTVA 1000 wattt set up. Trying to find something under $200 for now.

this sounds like a question for… @Graysin !! he is a legend for building his own lights!! also note that if your light covers 2x2 footprint you will need almost twice that going into flower in a 4x4. i always add a 2nd light after transitioning

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[quote=“Fishyj, post:6, topic:78579”]
BESTVA 1000 wattt set up
[/quote]Pro-2000W BESTVA Pro 2000W Dimmable Full Spectrum Quantum LED Grow Light 4x5 ft Coverage Max PPFD 2296 µmol/m2/s for Indoor Hydroponic Plants Growing Hey you all is this a good one. I can’t believe the price. 199 are you outof your mind. 199 our tent is 4x4x6 with one LED Vivosun VS1000


hands down though my favorite budget light is any Phlizon full spectrum…i own 2 of these and they are extremely affordable, im not sure why but over 3 grows all my plants just love these lights they aim at and respond better than with any other light i own.

I know these arent name brand. I would suggest the HLG but on a budget these work great. I run 2 of the 400w on rails right now in 1 tent. I bought them half off to try. WOW. Actually amazing lights. Running phillips/osram/samsung. Dimmable. For the price point and performance i like them. No heat issies. Hit hard. Plants lovem. 2 of the 2k with 50%off is about 170. Just a budget solution I have verified work well. Proof is in da puddin.


Haha that’s just because I’m off my rocker.

Without a doubt my recommendation is the KingBrite 240w light. UV, IR, full spectrum. Usually around $170 for the light and shipping both. Comes from Alibaba rather than Amazon.

Oh- my obligatory brag post attached to me using this exact light. Big plant in back is below the KingBrite


@Graysin Love the jungle. I love filling it up also.

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LMAO ya killin me bro

there ya go !!

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Check out king Brite and enfun led boards spider farmer would be a good one if u can afford about 500 for the light get the biggest u can afford to fit the 4x4 area. Ur gonna want as close to 800w for flower time and that’s true watts 3 of the enfun boards would prolly kick ass in a 4x4 w would be sufficient but 3 better as u can have a better coverage and keep them at a lower power for a bit less heat. @Nicky uses king Brite and @CoyoteCody uses the enfuns Nars and SF are good with the SF being better than mars. Mh and hos would be a cheaper route for more wattage but gonna run a bigger electric bill and throw off a while lot more heat than ur gonna want most likely.


[quote=“Fishyj, post:6, topic:78579”]

NO it is only 210w. No way can it flower a 4x4 unless you are talking Petunias.
This is what a legitimate top quality light by a reputable company says 200 watt using top of the line components, diodes and technology will do

If you are going to spend $200 on a 200w light, at least get the HLG.

King brite has been mentioned. Another source for less costly lights is ECO Farm.


Really appreciate all the suggestions. Now I just need to do some research on all the lights that everyone suggested and come up with one to fit my needs.


Welcome to the community ! With a inside grow your lights is going to be the most important piece of equipment.


these are facts!, mimicking the sun indoors is the biggest challenge.


Could not agree with you more. It’s basically the same as with my salt water tank. My lighting ran me more than everything else.


There are a ton of led’s out there and some are better quality then most.

Me and @Graysin also suggest kingbrite from Alibaba, they are one of the few knockoff QB’s that have a strong reputation and produce great results.

Most led’s will grow but a true bang for your buck on quality and performance is kingbrite it seems to be unbeatable.

If you build your one from scratch it will be cheaper but most like to buy, HLG’s are high quality but you’ll pay for that American made high quality.
Close to them in quality as far as I’ve been able to gather, yet much more value since they are Chinese made with South Korean Samsung diodes. Are kingbrites.

So kingbrite is my recommendation.

A 4x4 bar kit would be ideal.
Otherwise. Two 320w boards.
You want 3500k option and the reds.
UV/IR is not needed but it’s nice.

I would avoid anything on amazon to be honest.

If you need something that’s trusted spec’s but still costs more but is easy to get because you can’t stand Alibaba. Then spider farmer is is good, but you’ll pay for the marketing.