Looking for a light that won’t break the bank

if nicky and graysin are on board with kingbrite you can bet its legit …i fully trust both these guys suggestions 100%


Hobbies are like that. You try to do it right to get the most enjoyment out of it.
A couple of things
Learn how much light, namely PPFD you need to properly light a 4x4 space (assuming you will be using all of the space). During flower you will need an average PPFD somewhere around 700 - 1000.

How many lights do you want to use to accomplish this. I am of the mind two lights are better than 1. This gives you some flexibility when plants are of different heights. Even within the same strain, this happens frequently.

The shape of the footprint is important. If you want to use 2 lights, look for a light that has a flower footprint of 2x4 or better yet 2.5 x 5’. If you go with one light, pay attention to the PPFD numbers around the edges. If the PPFD drops to below 400 in a 4x4 PPFD Map, the light will struggle to generate the necessary DLI on 12 hours of light.
Be aware you can not necessarily go by what certain manufactures say their footprint is. I.E. Bestva.
That is why I mentioned PPFD. If I was looking at HLG lights I trust what they say. Chilled Tech and their Growcraft lights are excellent and reputable. Basically to cover a 4x4 you are looking at 600w of top quality diodes.
Good luck

Thanks so much.

So you say to get those babies flowering correct 800wor 1000watts ? We can spend 180? I also can put things together I ran a nursing home buliding maintance boss.fixed everything in it. i should run. Cost is a huge isuse here. We have one Vivosun Vs1000 Led came with kit 4x4x6 foot tent grow and other equip. Right now everyone 4 plants are under this light a 2x2 foot area which is DLI 48.9 And PPFD 754 18/6 Oct 1st start date on the girls.

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I have a Meiju from Alibaba and a Budget led that I’ve used since getting into this hobby they both did what they were supposed to, I got great results. Just recently bought two HLG 260xl boards and I can say for sure that the HLG puts out more light. At 30% power was getting some indications of too much light on seedlings tips and edges browning and getting crisp, now in preflower I turned up the power and may need to turn them down just a bit starting to show signs of a bit of light stress again. On a budget I’d say Meiju or Kingbrite are good choices if you’re looking for the best light save up and go with HLG.


I would go hlg best bank for the buck you can get 2-260 xl’s kits for under $600 delivered use dude code saves 15% two of those would fit great in a 4x4


Does that code work for all there lights or just the 260xl?

Should work site wide

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A budget light that worked surprisingly well for me, WILLS. They are a COB, focused lens combo light and are very bright for the $$. Lowest cost per ppfd I’ve found. They do run a little on the hot side, but nothing like HPS/MH lights. The 230 watt (actual watts) was only $49.00 on Amazon last I checked (was $119 a few weeks before that). They might be selling on clearance, since both the ‘1000 watt’ and ‘2000 watt’ equivalents went down by 50% in the last month. I mostly run Advanced Platinum LEDs (not cheap) but the WILLS, surprisingly, puts out almost the same ppfd’s on my light meter at 18", though the WILLS is lacking in the deeper reds when placed side by side with my P300. Can’t speak to the life of the light yet, but haven’t read any complaints.

Thanks everyone, I ended up going with the VIPARSPECTRA Newest Pro Series P2500 LED Grow Light. I also ended up with a 32x32x60 tent. So far this has given me amazing growth. Before


My light is 24 inches above the girls and I am getting a reading of 774 ppfd.