Summer harvests? & Strain identity

I have two questions. I live in Northern California and I’m growing outdoors in pots and I started the seedlings early, in February. Possibly prematurely? Several plants are four and five feet high already, this only being May. And little white hairs are appearing in leaf and branch armpits, which I thought was a precursor to flowering. I think I read that some people who planted early outside harvested their ware not in October but in the middle of summer, July and August. Is that true? Will my plants be ready in summer… or in the fall??
I’ll try to upload a picture of um.
2. Second question is about genetics. Awhile back I bought some extremely potent weed, Candy Jack. A rare event occurred when I found a tiny cluster of seeds in the buds. I planted them, they grew. The mother plant must of caught just a whiff of pollen from a male right? My question is are these plants Candy Jack or are they half Candy Jack and half of whatever the fathering plant is? I want to know how I’m going to label them.

  1. Your plants will only flower if the sunlight cycle is 12/12 or less. I’m not sure how you can harvest in the middle of summer since the middle of summer is usually the longest days of sunlight. If you’re growing auto flowers, then yes, you can harvest in the middle of the summer, but photo period strains won’t flower until the light cycle is 12/12 for more than 2 weeks.

  2. You’ll never know what genetics those bag seeds are. It could be a female that just flowered for too long and produced her own seeds, that happens. Or possibly it was hermied, or maybe some pollen from a male blew over your way and pollinated the female causing her to make seeds. Because of those 3 scenarios you’ll never know if that seed is still the original genetics or not.



Only suggestion I could give for summer day/ night hours would to somehow cover the plants nice and dark. Not even a little natural light. Try to time it so they’re covered by 7 and ready for sunrise at 7. Or whenever it comes up. Just do the 12 hours math for when they need to be covered by and ready for sunrise. Might not be the best suggestion. Only thing I could think of.

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Thanks. So then I know it’s at least half Candy Jack then, correct?
I should of mentioned my plants are not receiving a full day of sunshine as they are. This deck is the only location I can have the plants. Their direct sunlight ends at about 2pm

Excuse me, I was addressing the first reply.

I’m not going to manipulate the plants light exposure any I was just wondering if they were going to flower early because of the early planting.

There is strain developed in Northern Oregon called Oregon grown OG, it is not autoflower, but it will finish at the end of august if planted outside in may…
It has some Iranian landrace genes in it…
While all main grow books are talking about 12/12 light schedule for flowering, it is my humble opinion its not as simple as that …
Some pure sativas will veggie at 12 hour light no problem and some heavy indica will start to flower at 13 if old enough…
I suspect temperature and climate has a lot to do with it as well…
But thats just mine 2 cents…


If they are heavy indica , mature enough and in shade from 2 pm, then yes its possible they start flower earlier if the nights are cold enough ( low 50’s)…

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Ah ha!!! Lol.
Yes they are only getting about 6 or 7 hours direct light. And we have cool nights here. The wine country. Grapes grow best here because warm days cool nights. So the plants could flower early then cool.

The thing about MJ is that these days they are all hybrids…
Its possible that somewhere in lineage you got land race in it so who knows…
It would be arrogant without knowing all the genetics to say it can not…
So I say who knows ? Maybe you get lucky :wink:

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Right. I’m not sure exactly how this website works yet, meaning if I reply to this thread from awhile back does it get bumped up to the top?
Anyway. So, look at this picture. Correct me if I’m wrong but it’s starting to flower right? Premature because this is only May. Therefore, the yield will be small because plant hasn’t had time to get really big. To reiterate, perhaps planting in February was too early? And that on my deck where they get only 6 hours of direct sunlight and cool nights they are flowering

premature no?

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She’s definitely starting to flower but it takes time for the hormones to work?
Like say the light it was getting was 12-12
Whatever it made her hormones activate over a couple weeks of that pre-spring sunlight and she’s starting to flower.
Now that the days are getting longer,over the next few weeks she will revert back to veg and will really get big.
Assuming it’s not a auto
Hope I’ve explained it properly


Oh ok. It will revert back to veg. Thanks!

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