Stunted autoflower?

If you have seen my other posts you know I am nearing the end of my first grow which has come with all sort of “learning experiences”.

My first plant, jawa pie auto, has been in flower (since first pistils) for about 75days. During that time I had some serious issues with PH and nutrient lock out. I had already begun using straight water/flushing for the final 2 weeks of flower when these issues came up so it has now been on water only for about 4 weeks as not to introduce chemicals too late in the flowering cycle.

Fast forward to today, Pistils are starting to turn brown (maybe 30%), leaves took a beating while overcoming PH issues and now havent had any nutrients in 4 weeks.

Trichomes are mostly cloudy with a stray amber if you really search for one. Trichomes also seem smaller and less dense than I expected- really cant see any “frosting” with the naked eye.

Are these getting close? Have I ruined the buds fighting with PH issues?

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It’s not stunted. Cannabis stops growing around the 6th week of flowering to focus on ripening the flower.

You can avoid pH and nute issues the next grow by monitoring runoff with pH and PPM meters.


I have had plants that grew with that type of bud structure. I thinks its an uncommon genetic pheno that shows up in plants. The colas never really bulk up like normal. They keep growing new flowers and seem to never stop. And the resin is there but more a sprinkling rather than a good frosting. I used it mostly for edibles. I got tired of waiting for the pistils to stop and finally just chopped it. I can tell you what you have now will not get better. It is what it is.


I had a couple like this too - not quite as peculiar in structure but similarly un-frosty. They made for excellent QWET.


The last couple days more and more pistils turning orange/brown. Probably going to let it hang for a few more days and likely chop it after the weekend. Kind of a dissapointing first outcome but as soon as it is out of the tent im going to flip the photo plant currently vegging in there- atleast I dont have to wait a full grow cycle to see buds again.

Curious to see whats left of these “buds” afyer they dry and trim.


On a closer look, I’d bet you’ll see lots of seeds are what’s left. I’m not totally confident in that answer, but an early accidental pollination would explain the apparent utter lack of growth. Ladies will concentrate all their energy on seed growing instead of bud growing if they get knocked up early.

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Just yanked 1 of my photo that seeded. About 2 weeks ago. Buds stopped fattening. BUT…she ripened early as heck. All pistils browned out. Looks just like what i bought as a kid 50 friggin years ago…lol. It is pure FIRE! Super herbal. I have no clue the strain …bag seed.

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Just wanted to close out this topic. After drying and curing, I ended up with like 6-8oz of this tiny bud… it isnt super potent but the orignal estimate from the seed supplier was only like 15% or so.

Not a seed to be found as some had speculated. It doesnt look like much but it does smoke decent. Still no clue what caused it but I am leaning towards nutrient lock for a good part of flowering.

Weird stuff, its like “Honey I shrunk the buds”


As long as she smokes okay!

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